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Itinerary Portugal Spain, an extremely complete itinerary for those who want to know Portugal and Spain.

The itinerary begins and ends in Portugal, lasting about 10 days visiting several cities such as; Lisbon, Sintra, Oporto, Aveiro, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, enjoyable days spend in those two countries.

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PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
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RETURN TIMEThe days end at approximately 6:00 p.m.
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Some curiosities among Portugal and Spain, which we hope to check with you on our itinerary Portugal Spain.

In Portugal, life expectancy in men is 75 years, while in Spain it reaches 77 years.

Spanish women’s had the highest life expectancy in the European, reaching 83.7 years, while Portuguese women lived for 81.3 years.

The approximate proportion of four Spaniards to a one Portuguese.

Southern Spain has the highest birth rate while in Portugal more children are born out of “wedding”.

Portugal has a higher proportion of women in higher education than Spain, in fifth place in the European Union.

In Portugal, working life lasts until later, the Portuguese retire on average at 63.1 years while the Spaniards retire at 62.4 years.


Transfer from the airport

Our Itinerary Portugal Spain begins with your arrival, where on the way we give you some tips of the city as well as restaurants or other interesting places next to the Hotel.

Overnight in Lisbon

1º Day


Day dedicated entirely to the city of Lisbon, this city that cried and witnessed the departure of its “sons” in search of the new World, creating this melancholic song that is Fado. We started the day by visiting the new Lisbon, “Parque das Nacoes” a success regarding to the rehabilitation of a part of the city, an area that until 1998 was very degraded, completely renovated with the creation of  the Expo 98 (World Exposition in 1998) change into one of the most pleasant places to live in Lisbon, with its modern and functional architecture, in case you have children Oceanarium is an excellent option. Time now to visit  the real city, with its historical districts like; Alfama, Bairro Alto, Chiado, discovering them according to your tastes and/or curiosities, not to forget Belem where we will go back in time to the 16th century, and understand whole process of the Portuguese maritime expansion. The scene on top of the cake, will be a Pastel de Bethlehem ( local custard tart ) to finish the day.

Overnight in Lisbon

2º Day

Sintra, Cascais and Estoril

Full day to visit the beautiful Sintra, this small village that continues to make there visitants to fall in love for it. In the center of the village the famous ” Travesseiros” and “Queijadas” of the “Piriquita” (typical sweets of the region) await us, Sintra has many places to be visit (Pena Palace, Regaleira, Castelo dos Mouros among others), the choice of what to visit is exclusively yours (we suggest a maximum of two) according to your curiosities. Lunch can be in this region or in Cascais according to the time “spent” in Sintra. At Cabo da Roca, we will enjoy the “tail” of continental Europe and in Guincho the white sand dunes that would had attract James Bond in the film the service of his Majesty. Free time to enjoy Cascais, this old fishing village transformed into pleasant place to be on the sea side, passing in Estoril is mandatory with its emblematic Casino.

Overnight in Lisbon

3º Day

Lisbon - Fatima - Aveiro - Oporto

Day to leave the marvelous Lisbon in our itinerary  Portugal Spain, put ourselves on the “road”, being the first stop in a little over an hour, in Fatima, more properly Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima, optional to celebrate the Mass. Then go to Aveiro, the Portuguese version of Venice were will be able to delight ourselves with some Bacalhau ( Cod Fish ) this is the region where most of the Bacalhau industries are concentrated, also in Aveiro we will find numerous buildings classified as Art Nouveau, as well as one of the Gustavo Eiffel legacies in Portugal the Aveiro market. Mandatory will be the tasting of the “Ovos Moles” ( soft eggs ), local sweets. Arrival in Oporto.

Overnight in Oporto

4º Day


This will be a calmer day since we will be just in the city, with visits and if you prefer same walking in the old town, visiting  the Cathedral, Clerigos Tower, understand the history of this glory city through the tiles of the Sao Bento train station, to watch Gaia on the other bank of the Douro river from a terrace of one there many restaurants , as well as witness Dom Pedro resting on his horse, in this beautiful city known as “Invicta”. In the Lello bookstore we will understand why J.K. Rowling’s, fell in love with this city and lived here for a wild, working as a teacher she gave live to Harry Potter being filmed in this beautiful bookstore. Lunch will be completely decided by you, the town as same characteristic dishes the “Tripas” and the “Francesinha” a giant sandwich with several types of meat and a specific sauce. At the end of the afternoon we will delight you with a visit and degustation in a Port Wine cellar, and finish with a fantastic view of Oporto through the Monastery of Serra do Pilar.

Overnight in Oporto

5º Day

Oporto - Vigo - Santiago de Compostela

Day to leave Oporto, to join the paths of Santiago de Compostela, with a brief stop in Vigo to visit and who knows how to have lunch, the “Pescadería” street its a good suggestion, considered one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Vigo, watching mythical oysters of the estuary of Vigo being prepared into different dishes. Traditionally people by the mollusks directly from the oysters sellers and taste them naturally, just with a little lemon and an Alvarinho wine. Then we will continue to Santiago de Compostela, its serenity, its history with its university and students attire, its medieval streets full of music, art and pilgrims from all over the world sharing their experiences. The visit to its Cathedral is unique, according to tradition, here is the tomb of the Apostle Santiago Maior, Spain patron saint, for this reason became the main destination of Christian pilgrimage in Europe after Rome during the Middle Ages.

Overnight in Santiago de Compostela

6º Day

Santiago de Compostela - Guimaraes - Coimbra

On this day we will return to Portugal, leaving Santiago de Compostela, initially for the cradle of Portugal, or Guimaraes, with its extremely well-preserved historical center, visit its medieval Castle and the “Paço dos Bragança” palace, where the dynasty of Kings in Portugal had lived. We then go to Coimbra, however if your trip to discover the culture and history of Portugal is also gastronomic, the stop in Mealhada is mandatory, famous for is suckling Pig. Now its time to visit the city of knowledge, Coimbra with the oldest European university, where in the Joanina Library we will find an authentic hymn to culture, in this temple dedicated to culture. Visit still to the city downtown a pedestrian region with several curiosities, you can still find the tombs of the first Portuguese Kings.

Overnight in Coimbra

7º Day

Coimbra - Tomar - Arraiolos - Evora

Our first destination of our seventh day of our itinerary Portugal Spain will be Tomar, the village that hosted the Knights Templars and later the Portuguese Order of Christ after the extermination of the Templars carried out by the Catholic Church and the French King Philip IV, the visit to the Convent of Christ is obligatory and at the end of the visit we must already understand the importance of the Templars for the “construction” of Portugal as an independent country and the Order of Christ for the development of the Portuguese expansion over the seas. After visiting the Tomar historical,we continue towards Arraiolos to understand the importance of this small village in the development and production of and made carpets. Possible lunch in this village where Alentejo gastronomy is in evidence, arriving in Evora.

Overnight in Evora

8º Day


On this day we will simply explore, Evora  and its curiosities, however we will start the day with a visit to a cork factory, a few kilometers from Evora, where we will “learn” everything about cork, the kind tree that gives it origin (cork) to the extraction process,  to the final product. Returning to Evora we will visit a local winery, this region is one of the largest wine producers in Portugal, we will visit the main points of this medieval village, such as; Diana roman temple, the Cathedral, Church of San Francisco and the one that is one of the most caricate Portuguese monuments the Bones Chapel, a chapel completely stuffed with human bones where in the entrance stands the saying “we the bones standing where will wait for yours” intrigued Come on …

Overnight in Evora

9º Day

Evora - Sevilha

Day to return to Spain, this time to Seville, capital of Andalusia, to visit to the Maria Luisa park and its beautiful Spanish pavilion, its tobacco factory, famous for the opera of Georges Bizet “Carmen”, now a university, the tower of gold , the Guadalquivir, the bullring of the Maestrança and the bass of Santa Cruz, are indispensable. we still suggest a flamenco show at night.

Overnight in Sevilha


Sevilha - Faro - Lisbon

On the last day of our Itinerary Portugal Spain, we will return to Lisbon, but on the way visit Faro, this important city with a historical and cultural heritage of the most important and relevant in the Algarve region with vestiges of human occupation since the Paleolithic, with great development during the Roman occupation that gave origin to the present city of Faro. Shops, esplanades, bars and restaurants, as well as its monuments and museums of great interest and beautiful historical buildings, dating mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries, are scattered throughout the city, looted and burned by the English in the 16th century and enormously damaged by the great earthquake of 1755. Arriving in Lisbon.

Overnight in Lisbon


Transfer to the airport

Santiago de Compostela

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13 April, 2018

Magnificent attention from the first contact. I knew the company through its website, where I found detailed and real information about the different tours with their prices. Request availability of the tour that interested us by mail and Hugo answered quickly. All hiring is done via email without the slightest problem. As it is with Joaquim, we started the tour at 10:00 in the morning at the door of our tourist accommodation in Lisbon, where Joaquim picked us up, in a Mercedes minivan in perfect condition. Joaquim has seemed much more than a guide, since he is a person with a high cultural and intellectual level and of course a great connoisseur of Lisbon. At all times he has treated us beautifully, with great kindness and professionalism. We made the tour with our two children. A highly recommended experience, if you want to know Lisbon in detail in a short time. Thanks Joaquim

2 June, 2018

Thank you for a spectacular visit to Portugal and Spain by Walkborder tours advised us how to improve the routes we had planned. We were very happy with our guide Paulo who told us the story in an entertaining way for everyone. The trucks are excellent and we could go stopping more time in the places that interested us.

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