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Summer in Portugal

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Summer in Portugal

Summer in Portugal, every year Portugal is known for the high temperatures, thus calling so many tourists to the Algarve or coastal zone (Near the beach). Being 2018 one of the warmest years in Portugal expected to be so in 2019. Expect a warm year with many tourists once again. Enjoy your summer in Portugal


Summer in Portugal

June 21 is the day that starts the summer but certainly the high temperatures will already be installed in portugal and thus start the summer more “early”

The high temperatures also bring many tourists and transform many of the country’s cities, either with special events or with a very strong cultural and tourist program.

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Taking as reference of 2018 that was a very warm year, the temperatures of the beginning of the summer usually stay between the 16ºC (During the day) and the 27ºC (during the day). Then, in the months of July and August, high temperatures can reach between 30ºC and 32ºC more easily. At lunchtime and in the early afternoon, the thermal sensation can reach 35 ° C (most often reaching higher temperatures). So always have a “B plan” in your script for hot days like that.

To not have the day lost due to the heat, wake up early and enjoy a beautiful walk through the area in which you are.

summer in Portugal

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Summer care:

To leave the hotel early and walk quietly all day it takes some things to make your tour more comfortable. It is necessary to walk with a backpack, No matter how you carry your back it is always worth having a bottle of water that in these hot days will be very useful, sunscreen to avoid burns and spoil your visit to Portugal, may also contain food, in case if you have kids something that helps them.

Summer Care

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Ideal Clothes:

The best part of traveling in the summer is that you can enjoy the clothes you wear. You can walk in shorts which gives a very good will, t-shirt, a hat to avoid the heat, comfortable sneakers in case if you are walking or even slippers to the beach.

Taking into account that in summer the temperature at night descends (not much) must always carry a jacket with you to avoid possible against time.

Praia da Rocha

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