About Tour

Our tours are private and completely flexible which makes it practically detail as it will be carried out according to the tastes and curiosities of them, with the information the guide will adapt the same.

All our guides are accredited, native (born in Lisbon) and know the whole city and its curiosities.

Our tours start in Lisbon or in Porto, but always private.

All our tours and / or transfers are private and flexible.

Tours always start at your hotel or apartment and end where you wish, as long as within the city.

It is possible, yes, just contact one of our assistants that they will make a script to your measurement.

Our tours do not include entrances or meals (unless they are tours already with meals), because being a private tour the choice is yours on what to visit.

Whenever hover parking the guide will accompany, in big cities or places of great tourist flow, it should be difficult the parking, in case happens the guide will be next to the vehicle.

You can choose the start time of each day, the guide will be with you about 8 hours a day approximately.

No, our Tours are completely taylor made, this is just suggestions.

All our tours are private and completely tailor made the according to the taste and curiosities of each client, as such our day begins with a short introduction of how they expect their day to be and if there is any place during the day that they do not wish to lose of according to their consultations on the specific region.


You can pay in Visa, Mastercard, if this is a desired payment method you have to inform during the booking to be included in your Voucher.

Payment will be made as follows; 20% of the total amount of the reservation, via Paypal or transfer, the remaining 80% paid as follows; at the end of the first tour, in the case of itineraries at the end of the first day of tours.


I have several chairs for various ages.

Our vehicles are all new and immaculate Mercedes for your comfort with wifi and bottled waters.

If it is justified at the request of the customer, we can add an extra guide, which is sure to improve especially in large cities since parking sometimes is difficult.

Earn your free transfer when scheduling at least two 8-hour tours.