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Walkborder Terms and Conditions

Know our terms and conditions

General Policies:

  1. Walkborder Travel Agency and event planner with the tourism registration nº – 5861 and nº – 2/2019, both certifications can be consulted with Portuguese Tourism Association.
  2. Feedback from our customers can be found on our website www.tours.com.pt or on our TripAdvisor account.

  3. All our tours are covered by mandatory insurance for this activity, including:

                   a) Liability insurance

                   b) Road Insurance

                   c) Personal Accident Insurance

  4. On our website, www.tours.com.pt  there´s a description of each of our tours, although being private, changes can be required by our customers, without such changes putting the tour at risk either by distance or duration as well as what is included.

  5. All items not listed as included are not included in the tour price, such as meals or entrance fees.

  6. Tours are made with a driver/guide (one person), who will escort the costumer, whenever he can park the vehicle safely, however you can require an extra guide (passing to two people) when booking the tour, for a more effective monitoring, with an added cost.

  7. All tours are private, and the price listed is already for your group of participants, not being added other people from different groups.

  8. The guide will share relevant knowledge and information while driving, sometimes it is not possible to escort you on visits inside the monuments / museums especially to the following factors:

    a) Parking next to them is extremely difficult as we leave it as close as possible, giving relevant information and focusing on the main points of interest of the place inside the vehicle and we will park as close as possible without having to worry about logistical issues.

    b) Portugal is known to be a safe country, however when we transport our clients “goods”, we avoid leaving the car parked with the clients’ belongings inside without the guide / driver being present.

  9. The tours schedule as well as the starting time can be changed a few days before the tours, whenever available by the Walkborder´s agenda, if this is not possible.

  10. If customer wishes to change it´s wineries or other Walkborder offer, this change (wineries or visits) can be done, but will be costumer´s responsibility either booking or payment.

  11. All Walkborder´s tours have an approximate duration (shown on the voucher), whoever there´s a compensation of up to one hour will be given. If this period is exceeded, Walkborder may consider receiving extra/hours as follows; 30 € / hour per Sedan, 40 € / hour per van, 50 € / hour per Sprinter.

  12. Walkborder does not require a minimum age to participate in our tours, however the customer need´s to inform if there´schildren under 13 years of age in order to provide their safety equipment in accordance with applicable law to ensure maximum safety on board.

Reservations & Payments Policies

  1. All bookings will be made through our website form www.tours.com.pt or via email hugo.walkborder@gmail.com with all information such as; concrete day of each tour or tours, number of people, place where you will be lodged and way of contact (telephone or WhatsApp).

  2. The information sent to the reservation, must be described in text, we do not accept reservations, sent in prints or photos of accommodation or flight details.

  3. In the case of arrival transfers, if the delay is longer than one and a half hours, the guest should contact us trough the number +351963666009, informing the delay, otherwise the driver will leave the airport and the transfer will be considered executed and charged.

  4. Reservations are only valid and confirmed when a Voucher is sent by Walkborder.

  5. For the reservation to be considered valid the customer must pay 20% of the total amount of the reservation, via Paypal or transfer, the remaining 80% paid as follows; at the end of the first tour, in the case of itineraries at the end of the first day of tours.

  6. If you wish to pay the others 80% to be made by card, you must notify our reservations department within 48 hours before the tour of event, if you do not, Walkborder reserves the right to receive this amount in cash.

  7. Cancellations made within 96 hours (4 days) before the start of the first tour will not be penalized, except for the payment administrative costs (25 € for Voucher created), financial transaction expenses (6% PayPal) and if any expenses related to reservation´s such as wineries, guide´s accommodations or others will have to be paid in full by the client in the cancellation.

  8. Walkborder may be entitled to claim full payment for cancellations less than 48 of the event.

  9. Walkborder, is considered the right to cancel tours, up to 48 hours after the booking, committing to full refund of amounts already paid.

  10. The Walkborder may change the contract conditions at any time if necessary without notice.