Take a boat trip in Portugal, an unforgettable experience. In Portugal there are numerous areas where you can take boat trips and river cruises, from barbecues, sardines and amazing cave tours, and if the weather is pleasant accompanied by dolphins. Sometimes take a dip The most popular areas for whale watching are in the Algarve and in the Azores and

Things to Do in Fatima Formerly a secluded city, it is nowadays one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the Catholic religion in Portugal and in the world. At present, the city sometimes seems a bit deserted, except on the 12th and 13th of each month between May and October, which is when these so-called pilgrimages take place, filling

Summer in Portugal Every year Portugal is known for the high temperatures, thus calling so many tourists to the Algarve or coastal zone (Near the beach). Having in 2018 one of the warmest years in Portugal expected to be so in 2019. Expect a warm year with many tourists once again. Enjoy your summer in Portugal June 21 is the

Points of Interest in Portugal In this article I will show you the Points of Interest in Portugal, most visited places, most reputable restaurants, but mainly we will show monuments the most searched for in Portugal. Belém Tower The Belém Tower is located in Belém in the city of Lisbon. On the right bank of the river Tagus, where Belém

Palaces of Portugal Portugal is a country with hundreds of beautiful palaces waiting to be visited. In perfect condition and available for you. Here you will find the most beautiful palaces in Portugal. Pena Palace The Palácio Nacional da Pena, popularly referred to only as Palácio da Pena or Castelo da Pena, is located in the town of Sintra. It

Most beautiful castles in Portugal There are many castles in Portugal, some are well maintained and cared for, others are less cared for. Some Castles were transformed into museums, others in inns. Built to defend against other peoples, Portugal’s castles are true monuments that remind us of our past. Let’s discover the most beautiful castles in Portugal without any specific