Holidays in Portugal In this article you will find everything you need to spend beautiful holidays in Portugal. Portugal has a historical period with many achievements where we were left many historical monuments and find out more about it. With its paradisiac beaches with beautiful cities and a rural and traditional interior. The main reasons for visitors seeking Portugal, more

Typical foods of the North region Typical foods of the north region, one of the most genuine and diversified in Portugal. Posta à Mirandesa Posta à Mirandesa, could not miss the typical dishes of northern Portugal. The traditional Beef steak from the Minho region. Three or four centimeters thick, it is grilled on the fire, and seasoned with salt, garlic

Portuguese Gastronomy Portuguese Gastronomy, Portugal is well known for its traditional gastronomy, is one of the most valuable cultural resources of this beautiful country. If you want to spend a holiday in Portugal do not miss out and try some of the most valuable typical dishes. With a mild and fortifying climate, with a large coastline rich in fisheries. It

What to see in Portugal What to see in Portugal ? Portugal is a country full of interesting villages, towns and cities and some of them are known all over the world, such as Lisbon, Porto, and the archipelagos, however, there are other places unknown to tourists, Aveiro, Sintra, Coimbra, Braga, Évora. Theme Parks and Water Parks Throughout the Portuguese

Why Visit Portugal Why visit Portugal ? Portugal is the perfect country to spend an unforgettable holiday, a Country with a great variety from gastronomy to beautiful monuments to traditions not to be missed. has a mild climate, a coastline of 850 kms with fantastic beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. The Tourism in Portugal offers from heat and beautiful

What to take on a trip to Portugal What to take on a trip to Portugal, of the essential things to take for a trip in Portugal is its good will and its good disposition to learn and to know new cultures and a gastronomy different from other countries. Summer / Spring What can not miss on a trip in