Portuguese sidewalk The first vestiges of the Portuguese sidewalk, appeared in the 15th century, especially in places where the Portuguese approached during the period of maritime expansion, as well as Brazil. Timor, Cape Verde or others. The reason that the sidewalk traveled to other countries is extremely simple, the famous Caravelas and other ships that on these voyages would return

Braga voted best European destination to visit in 2021 On the second occasion, the city of Braga was voted the Best European Destination to visit in 2021. The long awaited prize received more than 109,000 votes from Internet users worldwide, 72% of which were from outside Portugal. A cousin awarded by European Best Destinations, an organization based in Brussels, which

The great Lisbon earthquake In this article, we seek to clarify a little more the The great Lisbon earthquake at November 1, 1755, which ends up marking a rupture in Portugal, as well as throughout the Enlightenment Europe, ending up changing the way of living especially in Europe. Lisbon before the earthquake   In a period in which Portugal is dependent

Itineraries in Portugal Without a doubt that Portugal is the perfect country for a trip by land with stops in different cities and why not small villages, knowing that it is sometimes uncomfortable to check in and check out, we will in this article try to find reasons to make your itineraries in Portugal , if possible in our company.

Benfica Cosme Damião Museum   Benfica Cosme Damião Museum better known as the Sport Lisboa e Benfica museum, a team known worldwide as “the best in Portugal”. Not saying that it is clearly better than the other teams. Competitiveness of the championship in Portugal has increased more and more and this is important for lovers of the sport itself. The Benfica

Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?   Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination? Portugal is one of the best places to spend your vacations. It is considered one of the safest and stable countries in the world. It has a fresh green surface quality, an excellent alternative to countries like France, Italy, and Spain. Portugal is