Itineraries in Portugal Without a doubt that Portugal is the perfect country for a trip by land with stops in different cities and why not small villages, knowing that it is sometimes uncomfortable to check in and check out, we will in this article try to find reasons to make your itineraries in Portugal , if possible in our company.

The largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is in Portugal The largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is in Portugal, held by steel cables, arranged 175 meters above the bed of the river Paiva, is one of the main tourist attractions in Arouca in the Aveiro district, which you can walk on, in a 516 meter path in

The Jews at the time of the Discoveries in Portugal Jews at the time of the Discoveries in Portugal, Jews were a minority in Portuguese territory since the end of the Roman Empire, growing democratically throughout the Middle Ages. Very diverse in Portugal and thanks to the memory of urban toponymy the Juderias, however the Communes at the time of

The History of Fado There will be plenty to be discovered about the history of Fado, however we leave in this article some curiosities about it. The word Fado means destiny and came from born from the Latin word Fathum, celebrating destiny, melancholy, longing, a story that is believed to have been born in the 19th century with the arrival

Benfica Cosme Damião Museum   Benfica Cosme Damião Museum better known as the Sport Lisboa e Benfica museum, a team known worldwide as “the best in Portugal”. Not saying that it is clearly better than the other teams. Competitiveness of the championship in Portugal has increased more and more and this is important for lovers of the sport itself. The Benfica

Sand City (Algarve) Sand City (Algarve), as the name indicates “Sand City” a city of sand, that’s right incredible sand sculptures. several emblematic monuments around the world. We can certainly find the most famous in this festival, being also considered one of the best theme parks in the Algarve for being unique and different. Built by more than 60 artists