Get to know Portugal from North to South

At Walkborder Tours we are specialists in Private Tours and Itineraries in Portugal, showing the best of Portugal, our guides will show you what Portugal has to offer, our tours are private and made according to your interests and needs.

We have some of these tours in Portugal, however each one will be adjusted to you, the itinerary for each day is adjusted to your interests and curiosities, such as places to visit, wine restaurants, among others.

In our company we think that comfort is extremely important, but the human factor is indispensable, so our guides are local, trained and competent, to enlighten you about the monuments and places they will  be visit.

For this comfort, our fleet consists of Mercedes vehicles all equipped with wifi, this way you can share your photos with family and friends right away, as well as for the indispensable WhatsApp, removing distances.

Portugal is a country known for its gastronomy, its wines, among others, if you wish to have lunch, our guides will suggest places for you to have a comfortable meal within the kind of cuisine you wish for each moment.

If your choice is more for Beaches and Sun, you can always choose one of our trips to the Algarve in the south of Portugal, known for its white sand beaches with numerous options for boat trips to visit its caves.

On this page you will find several Tours suggestions, Tours starting in Lisbon or Tours starting in Oporto, we also have Tours of several days, itineraries, so you can get to know Portugal from the big cities like Lisbon and Oporto to small villages like Monsanto or Marvão.

We are always at your disposal, whether during the reservation process, or even during your stay, providing reservations at restaurants or other attractions.

Walkborder Tours Portugal, always thinking in you

2 Days Tour in Lisbon

A must our 2 Days Tour in Lisbon, the perfect itinerary for you,
2 Days

2 Days Tour in Porto

Our 2 Days Tour in Porto, it´s perfect for you who will be
2 Days

5 day itinerary in historic villages in Portugal

5-day itinerary in the historic villages in Portugal, the perfect itinerary for those
5 Days
Lisbon, Lisboa, Oporto

Algarve Tour from Lisbon

Algarve Tour from Lisbon, we know your curiosities about the Algarve so we
10 Hours

Alvarinho Wine Tour

Alvarinho Wine Tour perfect to those who want to learn a little more
8 Hours

Aveiro Tour

Our Aveiro Tour is a perfect trip for those who want to know
4 Horas