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Itineraries in Portugal

Without a doubt that Portugal is the perfect country for a trip by land with stops in different cities and why not small villages, knowing that it is sometimes uncomfortable to check in and check out, we will in this article try to find reasons to make your itineraries in Portugal , if possible in our company.


Portugal is a small country, but if you want to visit through one of the largest cities (Lisbon or Porto), you will always have hours of travel, which could be optimized and less tiring when traveling.

Cities at night, we can visit, get to know all the cities during the day, however the night always brings us other attractions, such as the lights, the nightlife or why not the gastronomy, this is because on long trips, either because of time that will have to be used in the trips, we will never be able to fully explore the gastronomy, when we stay overnight in that city.

Lisbon at night

Not being “hostage” to the clock, you can make your script your way, giving preference to visits that interest you most, among; architecture, gastronomy, wines, history among others, visiting only what interests you most.

Multi-day tours in Portugal

Who knows, put in your itinerary, a village or city that has some connection with you, that is, a place that for some reason has interest, as well as a place where a loved one, parents, grandparents etc. was born.


So, Spain, yes … Spain is right on Portugal’s side, not being the same country, you can visit Spain leaving and arriving in Portugal, by land, just taking your passport with you.

Enter through an airport (Lisbon, Porto, Faro) and exit at another, thus being able to travel the country from North to South (or vice versa), without worrying about “voting” everything backwards, this is possible in a country like Portugal, with a very strong concentration of culture and history.

Fatima Shrine

Make your itineraries in Portugal now, a country with a well-documented history, whether in its monuments, its palaces and urban centers, its climate, the glorious fruit of an offer from the Creator and a friendly and welcoming People.

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O Hugo é uma pessoa extremamente comunicativa que adora viajar e ama o que faz. Ainda jovem começou a trabalhar como taxista na cidade de Lisboa que fez com que ficasse a conhecer a cidade e o País como ninguém e para além disso ganhou um gosto especial por comunicar quer seja com as gentes locais ou com muitos turistas com que se cruzada em cada dia. No entanto a vontade de saber mais e dar asas ao que realmente gostava de fazer, decidiu voltar a estudar Turismo na melhor escola de Turismo em Portugal e mudar toda a sua vida para fazer aquilo que realmente gosta, dar a conhecer o seu pais ao Mundo de uma forma genuína e autentica.