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Alvarinho Wine Tour perfect to those who want to learn a little more this special wine that can only be found in a specific region, the Alto Minho, considered one of the most beautiful regions in the Country.


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Visit to Casa do Curro

Visit and wine tasting in the Solar do Alvarinho

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Alvarinho Wine Tour

Alvarinho an old grape variety of unparalleled quality that gives rise to white wines produced in the Vinho Verde region, specifically in the Monção and Melgaço sub-region.

Being combined with the Loureiro grape variety in the production of white green wines, the Alvarinho grape has a unique profile: floral and fruity, with notes of linden, honeysuckle lemongrass, peach, grapefruit and apple, all very well harmonized with this. high acidity typical of fresh whites from northwest Portugal.

Balanced, well-structured wines and moderate levels of alcohol, Alvarinho is being “exported” to wine regions further south of Portugal, such as the Setúbal Peninsula.

Our Alvarinho wine Tour it’s not just wine, we will also visit the Raiana regions, Monção, next to the Minho river, with its terraces and beautiful viewpoints, such as the esplanade of the Neris, here fights were fought between the kingdoms of Portugal and Castile, their 17th century walls are a witness to this, guarding the historic center.

Where the most symbolic monuments are the Mother Church, the Church of Misericórdia and the Church of Santo António dos Capuchos, without forgetting the beautiful view through Caldas de Monção, with therapeutic waters.

Come and see this beautiful region through our Alvarinho wine Tour, talk to our assistants right now…







Moncao and Melgaco

The village of Moncao, located very close to the Spanish border, just separated  by the Minho River, a special place considering its localization since the Portugal “birth”, by its strategically important defensive area.

Here we can visit the remains of the Castle Walls and others monuments that testify the importance of this town once such as; the Romanesque Mother Church of the twelfth century, or the Churches of Mercy and Santo Antonio dos Capuchos, or the Military Fortress, as well as many Manor Houses  in the region, great example the Palace of Brejoeira, in neo-classical style, or Casa das Rodas, not to misse will be a visit to Casa do Curro.


Valença do Minho

As well as a visit to Valença do Minho, another border town separated by the beautiful Minho River, and well surrounded by ramparts atop a hill, boasting its long defensive look.

Valença extremely important during the Middle Ages, with a privileged view on the border, often coveted by the Spanish neighbor, a place of passage of the “Caminhos de Santiago”, just by choosing the river.

Its fortress with two towers and double wall, from the 17th and 18th centuries, built by the French engineer and military architect Vauban, nowadays one of the most reputed Portuguese Hotel ( Pousadas de Portugal  ).

From most of the windows of the Pousada, besides the Minho and Tuy, you can also see the old iron bridge, one of the Eiffel legacies in Portugal, where the train runs from Portugal to Spain.


Solar do Alvarinho

The building where the Solar do Alvarino is located, it was once a city hall and even a prison, there you can find as well as find almost all Alvarinho wine brands produced in the region, a bar where you can taste the various regional delicacies and some rarities, such as Alvarinho fermented in wood, sparkling wine and Alvarinho brandy.

Local gastronomy

The cod is famous all over Portugal, but here is present in most of the Minho recipes and its restaurants, the recipe for this special Cod is the secret dipped in a pan filled with olive oil and accompanied by fried potato chips, “washed” down with red or white wine, there is no restaurant in the Minho region that does not have this fantastic dish, ready to explore?

There Monuments

Several monuments embellish this noble village, such as several emblazoned houses, minarets and small mansions that demonstrate its character of this noble Village, whose economic importance was known from an early age, Casa do Eirado, Casa do Poço or the beautiful Quinta da Mota, are some of these examples.

In Religion matters, the Churches of Misericordia (XVI century), the Collegiate Church of Santo Estevao (13th century), the Church of Santa Maria dos Anjos (13th century) or the Military Chapels of Bom Jesus (17th century), Our Lady of Health and in Our Lord of the Forgotten. Valencia breathes history in its narrow cobbled streets but with a busy commerce, mainly of handmade products, with innumerable and typical shops of traditional commerce, where you can find works in gold, linen, ceramics and wicker.


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12 March, 2017

Wonderful tour through Alvarinho region
Everything perfect.
We had the opportunity to spend a pleasant day like all the directions and attentions we needed.

26 June, 2018

I took a tour with my family and our guide Paulo was simply perfect in the way he conducted the entire tour from start to finish.
He seemed to know everything he did and said and made everything easier is interesting. Zero stress.
The Van was clean and the guide Paulo tb proved to be an excellent driver !!
I will recommend the North of Portugal and this company to all.

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