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Viana do Castelo Ponte de Lima and Barcelos Tour visit Minho, this beautiful area of fields and vineyards painted with an intense green, lush river valleys, sparkling beaches and a heritage older than the country itself.

The perfect choice for adventurous spirits that wish to celebrate life day… and night!

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Minho was an old natural region called the “province” used by demographers to refer to the northwestern part of Portugal, including Viana do Castelo inhabited from prehistoric times by nomadic groups of hunters then inhabited by the Romans up to the 16th century, later by the Suevos and the Moors. Today Viana do Castelo is closely linked to the sea, the economy depends on the shipyards and other sectors such tourism, commerce and services, the artisan industry also stands out. Considered a Museum alive Ponte de Lima with vestiges several civilizations that have settled here from the Roman period, its Roman bridged with fifteen large arches and twelve small. And of course the famous story of the Barcelos cock, wants to know why Barcelos rooster is one of the symbols of Portugal … Come with us visit this lovely part of Portugal !!!








Santa Luzia

 It all starts in Monte de Santa Luzia, where nowadays there is a church on the high hill. The visit and the ascent to the top of the dome, to see the best view of Viana do Castelo it’s a must. Right next to it, the Pousada de Santa Luzia, once the grounds of the old village, whose economy benefited from the pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Viana do Castelo is connected to the sea, which plays an important role in the economy of the city, both with the shipyards and fishing industry. Other important areas are tourism, trade and services. Famous for the craftwork, like lace and the filigree works. 

Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo is connected to the sea, which plays an important role in the economy of the city, both with the shipyards and fishing industry. Other important areas are tourism, trade and services. Famous for the craftworks, like lace and the filigree works.The Medieval Matrix, the Old Town Hall, the 16th century Casa da Misericórdia and the Chafariz of the same century, among others, demonstrate the importance of its past, its streets and alleys of the historical center, one of the most beautiful and preserved in the country. our attention, both by the beautiful armored façades and by its panels of precious tiles in the trace and the color, constituting an authentic compendium of the history of architecture in Portugal.

Ponte de Lima

An old medieval village with an economy based mainly on trading since 1125. The River, the main point of reference, was a very active means of transportation until the 20th century.With its medieval bridge, built over an older Roman bridge, which allowed the connection of the village by land, with other main cities in the region, often served as compulsory passage of pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.


Here you find the origin of the legend of the Galo (rooster) de Barcelos. Since ever the city was residence of men of State and high regional authorities.Its Church, build in Romanesque architecture presents some Gothic influence brought to Portugal in the 14th century. Barcelos means “flat land on the riverside”, this expression is found in the oldest documents naming the city.

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16 August, 2017

“An amazing experience!!”

My husband and I spent two days with Jorge Bras, touring the areas in and around Lisbon. We had a total of five guides during our visit to Portugal, and Jorge was our absolute favorite! Jorge is extremely knowledgable about Portugal’s history, very professional, but is also a warm and sincere person. We were sad to part ways, even knowing we had another week and half of our vacation left!

Jorge was instrumental in making our entire trip to Portugal extremely memorable and informative. And we cannot thank him enough for that.

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