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Two-day tour to Porto starting in Lisbon, with just one overnight stay in Porto, a quick ride to Porto, visit the city and the next day return to Lisbon including visits on the way between; Obidos, Fatima, Nazare, Coimbra or Aveiro (a maximum of 3).


2 People – 780€6 People – 1070€
3 People – 820€7 People – 1150€
4 People – 900€8 People – 1250€
5 People – 950€
  • Children up to 3 years old: Free
  • Children aged from 4 to 10 years old: 50% Discount

DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
DEPARTURE TIME9:00 AM Approximately
RETURN TIME18:00 Approximately
Accredited and exclusive guideBottled Waters
Surprises every dayFree Wifi
Entrance Fees

First of all, some curiosities about the city of Porto, so that you can make your two-day tour to Porto starting in Lisbon with us.

However the largest avenue in Portugal is Avenida da Boavista in Porto, six kilometers long.

The historic center of Porto has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996.

The same way Casa da Musica, which opened in 2005, was distinguished by the famous New York Times as “one of the most important concert halls built in the last 100 years”, comparing it to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the auditorium of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in Germany.

Come and discover Portugal, do it on our Two-day Porto tour starting in Lisbon.

It was from the banks of the Douro River that Infante D. Henrique (who was born in Porto in 1394), known as the Navigator, left in 1415 for Africa, beginning the Portuguese discoveries.

The first store outside Spain of the prestigious clothing store ZARA, was in the city of Porto, on Rua de Santa Catarina.

Gustavo Eiffel’s last major brand before building the Eiffel tower was the Maria Pia Bridge in Porto.

Lastly who borns and lives in Porto is known as “tripeiro”, because, according to tradition, the population donated all the meat to the armada that left to conquer Ceuta, in 1415, leaving only the entrails to eat, and for this reason they created the, the “Porto-style casings”.







Lisbon - Porto Tour

Two-day Tour to Porto starting in Lisbon

Leaving Lisbon early we will arrived in Porto to start our tour, starting at Casa da Musica this monumental amphitheater with modern but functional architecture, towards Matosinhos with its port and Foz where the middle class lives -high in the Porto region.

In Baixa do Porto, along Avenida dos Aliados with the city hall as the most emblematic building, as well as the statue of Dom Pedro I of Brazil, which demonstrates his love for the city, since he decided that his heart should stay here when he died.

The beautiful Sao Bento train station, place where Jorge Colaço’s 20,000 tiles will take us on a journey through the Portuguese History and traditions of Douro and Minho, a true open book that awaits us to show us true city experiences.

The busiest street in the city is Santa Catarina street  full of national and international brands, one of the biggest attractions being Café Majestic, a luxurious cafe that tells the story the city of the 1920s, its political intrigues and the debate of ideas, the Porto of “Bélle Époque”, of many writers and artists.

Right afterwards our Tour will take us to visit one of the most famous and beautiful bookstores in the world, the Lello bookstore, reason that led to one of the famous Harry Potter films having been inspired in this extremely charming bookstore, then the Porto Cathedral with a fantastic view of the city, the Palácio da Bolsa , the Saint Francis Church between others.

We will then cross the Ponte de D. Luis, to Gaia where we will visit one of the Port Wine cellars, to understand the entire production process of this unique wine that is the Port wine, very close we have the Monastery of Serra do Pilar with a stunning view of the city of Porto as well as the mouth of the river Douro.

Visit and tasting in Port Wine Cave

Overnight in Porto

2º Day

Porto - Lisbon with visits

On the second day, we return to Lisbon  but on the way we will make some visits along the way, en between Tomar, Obidos, Fatima, Nazare, Coimbra,  orAveiro (we suggest a maximum of 3 not to exceed the estimated time).

Two-day Tour to Porto starting in Lisbon

Tomar – Being the oldest part of the city (Medieval) oriented at cardinal points in cross, with a convent in each of its ends, and in the center the main square Praça da República, with the main church, to the west the hill of the Castle and the Convent of Christ.

Visit to the Church of Santa Maria do Olival, built in the 12th century, and the spot of the Order of the Templars in the country, with 3 naves it was classified as a National Monument in 1910 and is one of the most emblematic examples of Gothic architecture in Portugal. Here are buried Gualdim Pais, founder of the city, and other Grand Masters of the Order, a Church that seems smaller than it really is since it is buried two meters below the ground.

The construction of the Convento de Cristo begins with the Templar Castle, at the forefront of medieval military architecture from the same period, the Romanesque Charola, inspired by the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and which assumed the dual role of oratory and military watchman. When the Military Order of the Temple was extinguished, the Portuguese King Dinis, created in Portugal the Military Order of Christ, who came to be heir to the goods, graces and privileges that had belonged to the Templars.

Two-day Tour to Porto starting in Lisbon

Fatima, considered by many to be one of the most important Marian Shrines in the world, where we will pay homage to Lady Mary in Cova da Iria by visiting the two Basilicas there; White Rosary Basilica and Holly Trinity and of course the oldest, the Chapel of Apparitions.

The Chapel of Apparitions, was the first Chapel to be built right after the apparitions of Lady Mary, located in the center of the Sanctuary, it is an unmissable place, not for its grandeur, but for the meaning, it is mandatory to visit.

At one end the White Rosary Basilica, built in 1928 with neo-baroque architecture, here you will find the tombs of the two children (Francisco and Jacinta), and  the tomb of Sister´s Lucia, who died in 2005, in another extreme is the imposing Basilica of the Holy Trinity, built in 2007 with more than 8,000 seats and 40,000 m² of area designed by the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis.

Two-day Tour to Porto starting in Lisbon

Coimbra with many attractions, Coimbra University where the Joanina Library occupies a prominent place, the construction of it began in 1717, above the old prison of Paço Real, with the aim of housing the university library of Coimbra, and was completed in 1728, its roof, the frescoes were executed by the illustrious Master António Ribeiro and Vicente Nunes, and the portrait of Dom João V at the back of the room was made by the Italian Domenico Dupra.

IMPORTANT – If the visit to the University is essential for you, let us know when booking your Two-day tour to Porto starting in Lisbon to book tickets at the University ( not included in the price), as the visit to the Joanina Library is numbered and otherwise it will be practically impossible to make the visit at the moment, after the reservation made the customer will be charged the same amount at the end of the tour (11.5 € / person ), even if the visit is not made due to the client’s withdrawal or delay.

Two-day Tour to Oporto starting in Lisbon

Aveiro, the Portuguese Venice with its canals, previously used for the transport of salt and molasses, explore its historic center with numerous Art Nouveau buildings all cataloged by the city council, as well as its market  designed by Gustavo Eiffel.

Time to get to know and try their traditional sweets, the “soft eggs”, a possible Moliceiro boat trip, these small boats that almost resemble gondolas. Visiting the salt pans, the salt industry, continues to be important in this center, which for many years was dedicated to salting cod.

Two-day Tour to Porto starting in Lisbon

Nazare (the most charismatic fishing village in Portugal), where we can see the drought of the fish on the beach, as well as the life of the “seven skirts” ladies proudly shown by them. Today Nazaré is also known for its giant waves, yes the biggest waves in the world are here in Portugal.

All thanks to the phenomenon of the Nazare cannon, phenomenal waves that made Nazare famous all over the world, in 2013 the American surfer McNamara broke the world record by surfing a wave of about 30 meters high, in same periods of the year we can see them with our eyes.

roteiro 9 dias em Portugal
Roteiro 9 dias em Portugal
Roteiro 9 dias em Portugal
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa
Passeio de dois dias ao Porto a começar em Lisboa

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