Tour Obidos and Sintra undoubtedly a great way, spending it in two of the most important places to visit during your stay in Lisbon.

From “Medieval” Obidos to “Aristocratic” Sintra, not forgetting Cascais and Estoril …


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5 People – 320
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  • Children aged from 4 to 10 years old: 50% Discount

PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
RETURN TIMEApproximately 6:00 in the afternoon.
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Tour Obidos and Sintra

Ancient stories from the Celtiberians, in 1148, the first king, D. Afonso Henriques, took Obidos to the Arabs, Obidos belonged to the defensive pentagon (of the five castles), the center of the kingdom, still idealized by the Templars.

With the offer of Obidos as a wedding gift from D. Dinis to his wife D. Isabel, the Villa became belonged to the Casa das Rainhas, making most of the queens of Portugal, leaving great benefits.

Sintra seduces from a distance, still halfway, a suspended view in the skies shows us the magic of it, the Pena Palace,  the “crown” of the Mountain of the Moon, only  reached by a narrow and sinuous road, with its dense forest, here we finally reach this monument, built from a dream of the Portuguese  king. D. Fernando II,

Blending arqyuitecture styles, transforming a ruined convent into an unusual palace, a work of romanticism unique in the world, in its gardens, also reigns eclecticism with more than two thousand species coming from various continentes.

Tour Obidos and Sintra definitely the best way to get to know Sintra, the aristocratic paradise in Portugal with its fantastic palaces, as well as Obidos one of the best preserved medieval villages in all of Europe, ask our reservations department right now…










Obidos Village

Our day will start with a visit to Obidos (Unesco World Heritage), were we will relive a trip back in time to the medieval period and explore the beautiful narrow whitewashed streets that Obidos have to offer us.

Obidos belonged to the defensive pentagon of the Five Castles, this by the hands of the Templars, later used as a wedding gift by the Portuguese King Dinis I,  to his wife Queen Isabel, the village became part of the House of the Queens, where most of the Portuguese queens in Portugal was financed here receiving Obidos taxes and leaving great benefits there too Quenn Catarina order the construction of the important aqueduct and its sources to be built, a mystical place that enchants young and old, by the beauty and fun that provides everyone.

Here we will discovery of one of themos famous and appreciated Portuguese liqueurs, the Obidos ginja prepared?


Obidos Medieval Faire

Other events such as the Medieval Fair, where the Castle returns to its medieval origins and where the visitors can go back in time, the Chocolate Fair is another very famous festival that arouses much interest in tourists, in this fair you can see life-size chocolate sculptures, and children can participate in workshops and make their own chocolates.


Sintra Historical Center

Now its time to enjoy the center of Sintra, with its narrow streets and tiny alleys. In the Sintra historic center, there are countless Portuguese handicraft shops, as well as the famous Sintra local sweets “Travesseiros” at Piriquita bakery, free time to enjoy this wonderful place.

Sintra a place with a great concentration of historical monuments and interesting tourist attractions, here we will find more than 10 national monuments, including opulent palaces, ancient ruins and decorative luxurious houses dispersed by the different hills of the region in very challenging pedestrian paths. Probably lunch will be here.


Sintra Palacesl

Your guide will help you to decide which Palace to visit (we suggest a maximum of two), between; Queluz Palace, Pena Palace, Monserrate Palace, the Masonic Quinta da Regaleira (with its original well), if you want something more Medieval, maybe the Moorish Castle the choice is yours according to your curiosity..


Hell´s Mouth

It is a must the visit to Boca do Inferno, where we can easily understand the magnificence of this place, with the erosion exerted by the strong action of the rain containing dissolved carbon dioxide, causes the carbonate to dissolve and through this process, cavities and caves are formed inside the limestones, with a fall of the upper layers of the cave was destroyed, leaving a large cavity.

In days of agitated sea you can observe the waves crashing inside the rocks, a cave that combines its natural beauty with the rough sea, a very beautiful place, where you can enjoy a divine landscape and perhaps one of the best sunsets, being only overshadowed by infrequent suicides committed on its dangerous and unprotected cliff.


Cascais Bay

Then we will arrive at Cascais on our Tour Obidos and Sintra, this beautiful bay, our days pleasant place to live or even for short vacations, full of small fishing boats, free time to explore the village, so recognized that it attracts thousands every year.

Close to Sintra mountain range, Cascais was during the nineteenth century, the chosen spot by the Portuguese royal family for holidays that eventually dragged the nobility,  in the historic center, will find many shops and restaurants.



Estoril, the scene of espionage during World War II, where Yan Fleming lived the esteemed writer of the books that gave birth to 007 where one can dazzle the immense properties as well as the Casino of Estoril (considered the largest in Europe).


Return to Lisbon along the Coast

Tour Óbidos Sintra
Tour Obidos Sintra
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Tour Obidos and Sintra
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Tour Obidos and Sintra
Tour Obidos Sintra
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
6 July, 2017

Impeccable work of all the team that answered us! Excellent professionals, extremely dedicated to providing an unforgettable trip!
Hugo, during the preparation of our script, has unbelievably combined our desires with destinies that we had not even imagined.
Rodrigo, who accompanied us during the days of travel between Porto and Lisbon, always punctual, attentive to our expectations and bringing us a lot of information about the places visited. Not to mention his help in rescuing stories from our family!
Carlos, accompanied us in the script of Sintra and in the last moments of our tour, still gave us beautiful surprises hidden in Lisbon.

To all of you: Thank you! Without your help we would not have much to tell!

We look forward to meeting you on your next trip!

16 August, 2017

“JORGE! We cannot wait to come back to Lisbon!”

This is a LONNNNG overdue review. We capped off a Western European/Northern Africa adventure in Lisbon, and by shear TA luck, came across Walkborder Tours, who booked us last minute with Jorge, and he made us fall in love with Portugal! We only have 3 days to spend in Lisbon and Jorge showed us the best of the best, and IN STYLE! We spent day one driving up to Sintra, touring all of the beautiful castles and seeing the sites! Jorge is a wealth of KNOWLEDGE and speaks perfect english. Day two he took us all around Lisbon. Jorge, we will be back, and I cannot wait to have you show us around again!

6 March, 2018

I hired the 7 day tour in Portugal. Extremely competent and cordial staff, take the tour really according to the wishes of the client and the guides (Carlos and Joaquim) who know very well the history of Portugal and the world. I recommend it to everyone.

12 April, 2018

As we already knew other places more visited among those closest to Lisbon, we decided to visit the region of Azeitão, Sesimbra, Serra da Arrabida and Setubal. Our guide was Mr Carlos, very polite, solicitous and competent. We started by Azeitão, where we visited the wine cellar José Maria da Fonseca with wine tasting at the end.
We then go to Sesimbra, a small summer town of Lisbon, very beautiful, with beaches, seafood restaurants, a beautiful marina and wonderful astral. Then we ascend the Serra da Arrabida, from where one of the most beautiful views of the sea I have ever seen. Unmissable!
From there we saw the impressive and long island of Troia, with two white sands, its luxury hotels and millionaire mansions.
At last we arrived in Setubal, a beautiful city, with a very active port, beautiful marina, beautiful squares and avenues and a monument to Bogage port, born there.
The day is beautiful and I recommend to all this tour, much less sought after than the most famous (Sintra, Cascais, Fatima, Obidos, Batalha and Nazare) but also a must see! We highly recommend the company, with the sympathy of Hugo, who meets us, and the competence of the guide Carlos.

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