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Evora Tour (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a place of great cultural and gastronomic richness, where you can still find traces of various civilizations, from Roman to the Arabs, Temples, its beautiful Cathedral, the San Francisco´s Church and and perhaps one of the most controversial Portuguese monuments, the Bones Chapel with bones and skulls of about 5000 people on the ceilings and walls of this chapel, come to know all this and much more in the medieval village of Evora.


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5 People – 365
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PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
RETURN TIMEAbout 6:00 in the afternoon
Accredited and exclusive guideBottled Waters
Visit and wine tasting in a local wineryFree Wifi
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Evora a living museum, with a rich architectural and artistic heritage, so precise and transverse to the time, from the Roman to the neoclassical, passing through the Portuguese and Portuguese Manueline, the Renaissance and the Baroque, all extremely well documented in a single place, Evora.

Traces of different civilizations,  a pleasant and safe city where people stroll through it´s cobbled medieval streets, lovely arcades and squares, with handicraft shops and modern boutiques of internacional brands everywhere, many sidewalk cafe´s terraces invite you to stop and relax, with restaurants offer a different choices and plates  from all over the world.

The Roman Temple city`s ex-lbris, the Cathedral, the Saint Francis Church and the Chapel of Bones, clothed with skulls and bones of monks, a reflection of life (or death) “We bones here we are waiting for you, ” and Giraldo square among others, the human presence in a mixture of a contemporary city, with a lot of culture, that reinvents itself without losing its cultural heritage.

Take your doubts about our Evora Tour…







Cork Factory

Evora Tour

We start our Evora Tour with a visit to a traditional cork factory where we will understand all the cork process, check the tree (cork tree), its extraction, the quality choice, and the preparation to the final product.

Do you knew that the Cork Oak’s bark grows every year and that from nine to nine years it has to be removed from the tree, reaching 25 centimeters thick, cork its the perfect material resistant to heat, cold and fire.

Portugal is responsible for 55% of the world’s cork production, which is now highly valued in decorative coatings for walls and floors, or even in the manufacture of sports goods, the ideal material for baseball grains or fishing rods. However in many countries cork is best known for being the raw material for wine stops, since it allows micro-portions of oxygen to stay in contact with wine, so that wine can “age” while maintaining its quality. As you can see our Evora Tour has a lot to learn …


Local Winery

Evora Tour

Our Evora Tour includes a personalized visit to a winery in the Alentejo region, land of good wines, our winery will be Ervideira winery where in addition to the visit to the Cellar and personalized explanation of all wine processo, from the different grapes to the bottling lane, then tasting of different wines; white, rose and red wines, accompanied with regional products such as; Alentejo bread, sheep’s cheese, sausages, fruit compote and toast with olive oil and oregano.

Alentejo its a region that produces unique wines, hot and dry climate, it is indispensable to use drip system in the vineyard, with soils and reliefs a very sunny area that allows a perfect maturation of the grapes.

IMPORTANTE: If you want to visit a winery other than Ervideira, you can do so, the reservation and cost of it will be payed by the costumer.


Potteries ( optional )

Evora Tour

Through its availability, we will visit Saint Pedro do Corval village,  a typical Alentejo village known as the pottery capital, here there´s more than thirty potteries, one of the most famous handicraft products from the Alentejo region. If you wish you can try to make your own piece if you can.


Monsaraz ( optional )

Evora Tour

Monsaraz, with its walls in excellent condition, in a revival of medieval times, one of the best preserved Portuguese historic villages, white walls of lime and shale, with the wind whispering between its streets and sidewalks.

So many stories of daring kings, Templar´s, so many different civilizations had pass through Monsaraz, the visit to it´s Castle is imperative, as well as admire the giant lake dividing Portugal and Spain.

The visit to Monsaraz will only be possible, taking the visit and tasting at the winery, since the time will be “tight” to visit everything in the available period.



Evora Tour

Now it´s to enjoy Evora, explore this beautiful medieval village that make fall in love thousands of people every year, being the Bones Chapel that attracts more attention, this sinister chapel with its walls and pillars lined with human bones and skulls from more than 5,000 monks. Do not be alarmed if at the entrance you read; “We bones here are waiting for you,” leading us to reflect on life.

Another monument of great value is the Roman Roman Temple or Evora Temple, which justifies the importance that Romans gave to this beautiful city, close to the Cathedral, built in the Roman period, from here we can visualize the magnificent aqueduct, outside the city walls and extending from the it´s outskirts, some of its arches are still visible inside the city, built in the XVI th century to ensure water transportation.

Not just Romans lived here, the Arabs built their streets and alleys in the 11th and 12th centuries, Evora was even home of some Portuguese kings, a point of convergence of renowned artists, supported by the ruling patronage and Portuguese dynasty.


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Evora Tour

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20 April, 2015

Walkborder Tours is definetely the best in town!! If you want to merge history, confort and beatiful places/landscapes you are making the right decision. It really worth!

19 August, 2017

“Transfer airport / hotel and vice versa, day trip to Evora.”

We were in Lisbon a few days ago, on the way to and from a tour of `Scandinavia. The Walkborder was impeccable with us, on punctuality, in respect – we are elderly traveling in group of 5 – and on the suggested rides. A special compliment to Andre, an official who has accompanied us all the time, humorous, respectful, patient, always attentive. He became our friend. Thank you all to this excellent company.

28 August, 2017

We made our first trip to Portugal and decided to hire the Walkborder because I was traveling with my 3 year old son and my elderly parents! It was the best experience I could get they are simply perfect from the first contact with Mr Hugo who answered me promptly taking all my doubts to the excellent professional Mr Joaquim who led us through the whole 10 day trip a wonderful person with a super knowledge gave us a lesson about everything we witness !!!! Congratulations team Walkborder you guys were excellent without words to thank the caring with our family! see you later

21 October, 2017

We traveled through several cities of Portugal, always leaving Lisbon. Our group was 7 people and we were accompanied by the driver / guide João Ramos, knowledgeable about the routes and history, which contributed greatly to the satisfaction of all. João Ramos also gave several tips on restaurants and places to visit, always attentive and helpful.
From the first contacts, we were always well taken care of by Mr. Hugo, including helping us in the elaboration of the scripts.

10 December, 2017

Walkborder Tours arranged a half day tour of a cork area, the Portuguese country side, and even prevailed on the manager of a cork factory to come in on a Sunday and give us a tour of the factory. It was a pleasure traveling with someone who truly loves and respects his country…so much history and information. It certainly helped that Jorge is a history graduate and a passionate follower of many social and economic happenings.
Had a great time, Jorge, thank you.

6 March, 2018

I met Walkborder on the Internet, I saw some videos on Youtube and I found the model of tourism that they sell sensational. From the first email contact with Mr. Hugo, until the moment of rendering the service through Mr. Jorge Brás we were very well treated. With a different education of both. I traveled with my mother to a trip of religious interest to Fatima, we also went to Sintra and we did the tour in Lisbon, we also visited the houses of Já traveled by Europe making Mochilão, I traveled alone and with excursion and I found the model offered by the sensational Walkborder. I wanted other countries in Europe to have this model. Since they are the Walkborder that fit our wants and desires what makes it a distinct company in the tourism industry. I give a special thanks to the guide who accompanied us to Mr. Jorge Brás, who gave us a lesson about Portugal, and we were interested in learning more about this beautiful country. I rate it as an experience in high style. Congratulations to all.

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