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Best Portuguese Cheeses

Best Portuguese cheeses

Portugal is a country with a well recognized cuisine worldwide and of course its cheeses can be no exception, in this article we will show some of the best Portuguese cheeses, so that you want to know better the Portuguese cuisine.

Evora Cheese

Évora cheese, more precisely from the Alentejo, called PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is made from sheep’s milk, a cheese with a more yellowish color, which darkens over time and in contact with the air, making it taste. slightly acidic and slightly spicy. With a smooth or slightly rough “peel” produced by coagulation of raw milk with the action of the thistle.

St. George’s Cheese

Cheese from the island of São Jorge in the Azores, or cheese from the island as it is known in mainland Portugal which for production purposes constitutes in its entirety the São Jorge Cheese Demarcated Region. With different characteristics from the great generality of Portuguese cheeses either by the pepperier taste, since they have a longer cure, either by their size and weight.


Azeitão Cheese

Cheese Azeitão is another sheep cheese produced in the regions of Azeitão, Palmela and Sesimbra in the municipality of Setubal south of the Tagus River. Only 8 cm in diameter and 5 cm high, Azeitão cheese has a very soft yellowish rind, weighing between 100 and 250 g. goes through a period of 20 days of cure, being commonly sold wrapped in parchment paper. With a paste it is soft, an intense aroma and taste that resembles those of the Serra cheese, even in the form of eating, once they can be barred.

Serra da Estrela Cheese

A view from aerial tramway with rocks and snow in Serra da Estrela – mountain range in Portugal (Mountain Range of the Star)
Perhaps the oldest cheese in Portugal, Serra da Estrela cheese dates back to the 19th century. XII and the most famous being present in the European royal tables, having even been evoked by Gil Vicente in the 19th century. XVI. Produced in the mountainous region of Serra da Estrela, which is used to graze sheep of the different races “Serra da Estrela” or “Churra Mondegueira”, considered to be the best for this type of cheese, the manufacture of Serra da Estrela cheese complies with ritual in the traditional way, as hundreds of years ago.


Curd is the name given to a type of cheese similar to the famous Italian Ricotta, solid and usually with a characteristic strong flavor, more salty than the Italian version. A white to yellowish-white cheese, usually sold in specially designed plastic containers that blend well with pumpkin jam or other artisan candy.

Serpa Cheese

Another cheese from the Alentejo region, Serpa cheese is a cheese that is traditionally distinguished by its longest maturation period of at least 4 months. A cheese with a particularity, its cut should be made with only four movements, with religious beliefs being the cloth used for the filtration of milk to be folded rigorously 40 times.

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