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Beaches in Portugal

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Beaches in Portugal

Portugal is known for the high temperatures in the summer in which captivates enough tourists to visit this beautiful country. In this article we will show you the best beaches in Portugal

Portimão, Algarve

Portimao, Algarve

Falésia Beach, Albufeira

It is the beach located in Albufeira more specifically in water eyes, the third best in Europe and the 12th in the world. The reasons that lead this beach to captivate so many tourists are its clean waters and the views of the cliff.

Praia da Falésia, Olhos de Água, Albufeira

Praia da Falesia, Olhos de Água, Albufeira

Dona Ana Beach, Lagos

Lagos located in the Algarve region, if you visit Portugal at high temperatures, you can visit this beach. It is a good place for sports. Tourists who visit it are looking for a relaxed beach with clean water.

Praia Dona Ana, Lagos

Dona Ana Beach, Lagos


Some of them are very busy and lively, there are others that are much quieter and can enjoy at will. Here you will find that beach that best fits the style you are looking for, whether it is just for relaxing or for a lively evening party.

The quality of the beaches is unique, many of them have blue flag, given their excellent conditions.


Praia da Rocha, Portimao

A very good beach due to the infrastructures, accesses like showers, first aid station, bathrooms, bars and restaurants, is a beach very sought after by tourists. There are more and more Tourists on this beach due to its clean waters.

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Praia da Rocha, Portimao

Sao Rafael Beach, Albufeira

This beach is located in the Algarve region but specifically in Albufeira. Tourists choose this beach because of its waters and natural beauty. It is a small beach, however, who visits it surrenders.

Praia São Rafael, Albufeira

Sao Rafael Beach, Albufeira

Along the coast, the ocean has a different character, sometimes with its calm waters in the Algarve, or its more agitated waters in the north and Portugal. Ideal for those who enjoy water sports.

Guincho Beach, Cascais, Lisbon

This beach in Cascais is almost a place of pilgrimage for waves lovers. It is due to its natural beauty, the waves and the white sand dunes that conquers so many tourists and choose this beach to spend a pleasant afternoon.

Praia do Guincho, Cascais, Lisboa

Guincho Beach, Cascais, Lisbon

Nazareth Beach, Nazare

This beach in Nazare is recognized worldwide by its waves and is sought after by many surfers. You can still find some of the women who still wear the traditional seven-skirt outfit. This beach is mostly sought after by bodyboarders around the world.

Praia da Nazaré, Nazaré

Nazareth Beach, Nazareth

Make your road trip with us, and check the best Beaches in Portugal 

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