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The nine islands of the Archipelago of the Azores are all of volcanic origin and are located in the middle of the North Atlantic, dispersed along a strip of approximately 600 km in length from Santa Maria to Corvo and approximately between 37 ° and 40 ° north latitude and 25 ° and 31 ° west longitude.

The islands of the archipelago were divided into three geographic groups: the Eastern Group, composed of Santa Maria and São Miguel, the Central Group integrates the islands Terceira, Graciosa, São Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the Western Group constituted by the islands Corvo and Flores

Region’s website: https://www.visitazores.com/pt

How to get to the Azores

On the map below we can see some of the places that fly to the Azores and the following airlines, it is quite easy to access at the airport like any other in the world. It has many accesses from Europe and some from America.

What to do?


The Azores these sports are practiced both in inland waters and in the open sea. Whether exploring the escarpments that surround the lagoons at the bottom of volcanic calderas or paddling around small islets to watch sea birds and explore caves, these activities allow total physical and emotional insolvency with the Azorean landscape.


The Azores are an archipelago located on the middle oceanic ridge of volcanic origin and consisting of 9 islands, of which 3 present excellent conditions for the practice of the same

São Miguel, São Jorge and Flores. In these 3 islands the offer of itineraries of great beauty is abundant, but each one has its own peculiarities


The genesis of the Azores is imprinted in 1766 volcanoes, nine of which are still placidly active. underground, there are almost three hundred volcanic cavities, in the form of caves, mills and crevices. in the landscape, there are dry boilers, crater ponds, fumarolic fields and thermal springs


Look around and not see any kind of human construction on the horizon. Only peace and nature. One more shot and we have the Atlantic on the prowl. The morphology of the greens invites you to walk, in the company of a colorful explosion of flowers. The weather allows you to play in any season.


Sailing or motoring, one quickly understands the mystique surrounding navigation in the Azorean seas. Skirting the coast of an island is guaranteed to find landscapes of green flowing down to the crystal clear waters. Sheltered beaches and bays invite you to stop and take a dip. In the archipelago’s marinas, you will find everything you need before returning to the Atlantic.


There are many types of diving, we can find everything there.

A little more than you can do in the Azores

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