Top reasons to visit Portugal
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Top reasons to visit Portugal

Nothing better than to know Portugal with Walkborder Tours, we will show the reasons why visit Portugal.

Let’s show you the 5 reasons you should visit Portugal

Your Wonderful Story

The History of Portugal remembered with its glorious past. Its history can be admired in the monasteries, palaces and cathedrals.

Its heritage has unique characteristics that result from historical events.

The great navigations are a Portuguese pride still stamped on museums, Portugal knows how to tell everything about its grand past.

Your Gastronomy

The Portuguese gastronomy is quite diverse. Portugal has a strong quality in fish and seafood due to its proximity to the sea. You will surely love to taste a cod and the Portuguese grilled fish!

But Portugal is not only known for its strong in fish we can also find meat dish quite good and do not want to miss a Portuguese steak or pork to Alentejana!

To accompany both dishes nothing better than good wine!

Your Culture

A very rich culture, full of art and musicality, with parties throughout the country.

Fado is an original musical genre of Portugal. If you visit Portugal you surely have to listen to a fado concert in which you will be amazed by transmitted emotion.

You will find many other music festivals such as Meo Sudoeste, NOS Primavera Sound, Super Bock, World Music Festival and Rock in Rio.

A very rich culture, full of art and musicality

Its beautiful beaches

Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you will find beautiful, naturally beautiful beaches, where you can spend quite pleasant moments.

With a very pleasant climate, an always high temperature in the summer. You will not want to miss a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Portuguese beaches.

The last reason is its beautiful landscapes

Portugal has landscapes that can fascinate anyone with a great diversity of landscapes such as the Belvedere of Lisbon, large park of Peneda-Gerês.

Although a small country Portugal is rich in varied landscapes, from the sea to the mountains. You can enjoy the sunset in the tower of Belém, in Lisbon, or even go through beautiful beaches.

One positive aspect about Portugal is its ease of transport through the country and there are plenty of amazing little towns to visit.

Portugal is all this and more. Admiring Portugal has never been so easy with Walkborder.

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