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Reasons to visit Portugal

Reasons to visit Portugal

Portugal is a modest country with a big potential when it comes to tourism. We present to you some reasons to visit Portugal, on why you should consider as your place of choice for holidays.


reasons to visit Portugal


Portugal being a country with about eight hundred years of history, was also habited by many types of different ethnics and cultures. Nowadays our culture is influenced because of the mixed cultures that built the country.

Many historic monuments and beautiful places, traditions, the music genre that can be traced to the 1820s in Lisbon called “fado”, the workmanship, craftwork and art all around the country. All these reasons make a small country pretty big when it comes to enriching culture.


reasons to visit Portugal

Climate on Portugal is mild and temperate. You need to visit “Serra da Estrela” in the winter to see snow or if you want high and hot temperatures you’ll find it south of the country. The temperate climate from the country causes it to have hot summers and wet winters, nevertheless always with pleasant temperatures that allow to travel and to know the country in any time of the year

This kind of climate also avoids typical diseases from tropical countries.


Motivos para visitar Portugal

Undoubtedly, the Portuguese cuisine is one important topic to talk about. Portuguese are very proud when it comes to cuisine and what they accomplished over the years. Has a lot of influences, particularly Atlantic influences and mediterranean.

The base of Portuguese gastronomy is the trilogy of bread, wine and olive oil by adding to it the vegetables, many kinds os soups and fresh fruits

The meat, mainly pork, also make up a set of regional dishes and snacks where hams and sausages stand out. Portuguese cuisine quickly integrated the use of spices, sugar, and other products, such as beans and potatoes, with where adopted as essential products. Dishes like “cozido a Portuguesa”, “arroz de cabidela” and “bacalhau a lagareiro” are authentic banners of the Portuguese culinary.


reasons to visit Portugal

Studies carried out by several international agencies, namely the OECD, point to Portugal as one of the safest countries. Thanks to the Public Security Police, joint action of the Republican National Guard, and the competent services, the country enjoys an excellent public safety that guarantees the tranquility of its visitors.


reasons to visit Portugall

Of course the Portuguese like to welcome visitors. The Portuguese people are known for their hospitality and versatility to learn new languages.

In a list of 140 countries, Portugal appears in 7th place among those that most welcome visitors.

Low costs

reasons to visit portugal

Portugal is one of the countries with the lowest cost of living. The base prices of hotels, catering, supermarkets and more, make it attractive for foreigners.

Obviously, the cost of living in Portugal is directly related to their lifestyle.


Motivos para visitar Portugal

Low-cost airfares, modern airports, one of the most modern freeway networks in the world, and well-maintained national roads allow travelers to move quickly and comfortably. Portugal is a small country and it is possible to cross it from north to south in a single day. The history of integrated transport in Portugal is recent and many of its roads and other means of transport as well. Portugal has trains, subways, buses and electrics.

There are many more reasons to visit Portugal, it would be impossible to try to explain everything. Hopefully this article has helped in your opinion about Portugal. Any questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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