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Best time to go to Portugal

Best time to go to Portugal

What will be the best time to go to Portugal? We know that Portugal is a destination of choice, so this article is intended to help you choose the best time to go to Portugal.



The beginning of spring is between March 20 and 21 and ends between June 20 and 21.

Spring is perhaps the best time to go to Portugal. Because?

Because the temperature is not “8 or 80” in other words, the weather is not hot like in the height of summer nor cold as in winter. But more important is the re-blooming of the flora, the gardens gain color and beauty. Knowing this, you will find more people strolling the streets, more tourists visiting points of interest, younger people practicing sports and so on.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


Spring is the time of the year where the two largest cities have their most typical celebrations, in Lisbon the Saint Antony and Oporto the Saint John, which perfume these two cities with the smell of sardines roasting in the streets especially in the historic neighborhoods.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


Speaking of gastronomy in the spring, it is more natural to consume sweets such as Mousse, Cheesecakes, Pies and Ice Cream.


Summer begins on June 21 and ends on September 23.

Once again summer is perhaps the best time to go to Portugal, it is known for its high temperatures during this time of year, which influences the Portuguese and tourists to enjoy its beautiful beaches, to practice water sports and to visit water parks.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


Algarve is the favorite destination of the Portuguese to spend holidays during the summer season, because the region has the best summer attractions such as fine sand beaches and crystal clear water, also water parks that promise a full day of family fun, hotels are extremely well equipped with services of excellence, and for those who like to play golf, the Algarve is the place of choice.

In summer beer consumption increases like white and green wines. Green wine is produced exclusively in Portugal and one should drink ice cream and it is great to accompany meals such as seafood, fish, salads and grills. In terms of gastronomy the snail is best served at this time of year, shellfish, clams and lobsters are the favorite of the Portuguese. As for fish and shellfish, Cod, sardines, squid and octopus in the oven, .

Melhor época para ir a Portugal



The first day of autumn is September 23 and the last day is December 22.

It is the season of the year where the cold and the rain begin to make themselves present, but it is a good time to go to Portugal. The temperature is lower compared to summer and it is necessary to wear clothes appropriate for the season but it is for this same reason that the season becomes more cozy and comfortable.

The color change is remarkable, instead of color-colored as in spring, the colors become more gray and darker.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


In our opinion this is the best time of year to visit for the purpose of sightseeing and enjoy beautiful views that Portugal provides at this time of year. There are many points of interest in which the autumn stands out as the electric ride through the Sintra mountain range, who walks by the electric of Sintra gets to know a little of the history of the village, and the tour is much more beautiful with the golden leaves of autumn.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


Moving on to gastronomy, in autumn highlights whether seasonal fruits, nuts, mushrooms and not forgetting nuts. Chestnuts are a typical snack at this time of year.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal



The coldest time of the year starts on December 21 and ends on March 20, 2019.

Last but not least is the winter, yes it is the season with the coldest temperature of the year but this is no reason to stop visiting Portugal in the winter. Obviously the use of warmer clothes will be necessary.

One point of interest that will be worth visiting is the Serra da Estrela, it is the only site in mainland Portugal that makes snow. The Natural Park of Serra da Estrela is a demarcated and protected area where some of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal can be found. Doubtlessly, you will enjoy the gastronomy of the region, with a glass of Beira Interior wine and a piece of Serra da Estrela cheese.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


I can not pass up the typical food perhaps better known from Portugal, the Cooked to Portuguese. You can take all kinds of meats, but you’ll never miss the sausages, whatever the region of the country. They give the stew its unique flavor.

In the winter the gastronomy boils down to typical winter dishes such as soups, stews and special broths that comfort us during this cold period.

Melhor época para ir a Portugal


We hope this article has contributed to your choice of the best time to go to Portugal. If you need our help do not hesitate to contact us.


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