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Best wineries near Lisbon

Some tips on the best wineries near Lisbon for you, who are in Lisbon and want to visit some wineries without making long trips, to Évora or even to the Douro.

José Maria da Fonseca

Family of wines, family wines, it is in this way that this winery, perhaps the oldest in Portugal, is always within the same family, which already has 8 generations with wines from different regions, from different ranges, but all made with equal dedication and commitment.

José Maria da Fonseca, the Periquita wine house the oldest bottled wine in Portugal and the third best selling in Brazil, with a history of more than 160 years, a Periquita name is so well known that it even gave its name to the grape in which it is produced , Historically called Castelão, brought to the Setúbal Peninsula by the founder of the winery.

A modern wine company, with hundreds of native and international grape varieties, its white and red wines, produced with the assembly of several own grape varieties.

Quinta do Gradil

The farm that belonged to Marquês de Pombal, Quinta do Gradil is considered one of the oldest wineries in the municipality of Cadaval, a property with a noble chapel ornamented by an artistically decorated turret, a housing nucleus, a cellar and with an agricultural area of 200 hectares occupied with wine and fruit production.

The Quinta was acquired by the Marquis of Pombal in 1760, who was already producing wine in this period, creating the Companhia das Vinhas do Alto Douro, a family claim until the mid-20th century, when it was compared by Sampaio de Oliveira, in the late 90s that the current owners, the Vieira family, acquire the estate.


The Manz family arrived in the region and quickly fell in love with the region, the old Primary School, which was abandoned, is now the winery, the cellar that centralizes all production in Jampal. The old Mill now has the Manzwine store, which includes a permanent exhibition of artefacts.

As soon as they arrived in Portugal from Brazil to Portugal, about twelve years ago and what attracted them, in addition to the stunning landscape that surrounds them, was their people, who initially were skeptical, normal, as Fernando Pessoa said, first it is strange, then it enters itself.

Adega Mae

With an area of approximately 30 hectares destined for vineyards and a production capacity of 1.2 million liters per year, Adega Mãe is an innovative winery with the latest technology in the production of the best wines.

The brand was born by the hands of the Alves family, best known for cod (Riberalves Group), AdegaMãe was born as a tribute by men to the family matriarch, Mrs. Manuela Alves, and at the same time the inspiration for a birth space, for creation, in which it is intended to enhance the best grapes and give rise to better wines.

Quinta da Chocapalha

Known as a very young producer in bottled wines, however, this farm’s records date back to the 16th century, the period of King João VI’s reign, although it was only in the 1980s that the Tavares da Silva family acquired it significantly improved conditions for the vinification of wines, aiming at the maximum quality of the wines.
Sandra Tavares da Silva, renowned producer in the Douro region and daughter of Casal Tavares da Silva, was responsible for the wines and quickly realized the conditions to produce good wines becoming one of the most important and best producers in the Lisbon Region.
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