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Arrabida Natural Park in Portugal

Just 4th kilometer from Lisbon is Arrabida natural park in Portugal, a small paradise with fantastic beaches and breathtaking scenery to anyone.

In addition to the park itself there are also several places nearby, such as Azeitão known for its wines or even Setúbal with its Choco Frito.

Considered a Natural Park since 1976, the Arrábida Natural park in Portugal  has 10500 hectares with the highest point about 500 meters above sea level, the most famous beaches are Figueirinha, Galapos and Galapinhos, however parking is difficult and in many cases will even have to walk foot.

Nearby we have Sesimbra, with the ruins of an Arab Castle in excellent condition and free, an excellent option for those visiting this small fishing village, with excellent fish restaurants at more affordable prices than in the Capital.

In Azeitão we will find José Maria da Fonseca, known above all for its Periquita wine, certainly one of the best selling wines in Brazil, a family-oriented winery that was born in 1834 and curiously remains within the same family.

Nearby we have a handcrafted tile factory, which manufactures replicas of sec. It is also handcrafted and made from beginning to end by hand, undoubtedly one of the products of choice of the Portuguese and a visit that can not fail to do.

As it should be, the sweets are lacking, because then, but they exist, more precisely the Tortas de Azeitão, a very fluffy dough, where the egg yolks could not let exist, fantastic accompanied with a Moscatel wine from Setúbal.

And speaking of Setúbal, why not visit the “land” of Bocage, this port city with great fishing activity, but having in its secret Choco Frito, a kind of giant squid that after fried, and with “golden appearance” “makes everyone mouth watering.

Why wait, come meet arrabida natural park in Portugal

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