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Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

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Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination? Portugal is one of the best places to spend your vacations. It is considered one of the safest and stable countries in the world. It has a fresh green surface quality, an excellent alternative to countries like France, Italy, and Spain. Portugal is being observed and recognized by many newspapers and magazines, counting The Guardian, New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Forbes, El País, CNN, BBC, World Travel Awards, and the Best of Wine Tourism, Great Wine Capitals, Catavinum and many more.

Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

These essential recognitions of the country prove tourism excellence. So, reserve your vocational slots and try to opt for January to have cheap air travel tickets. It’s best to plan wisely for the travel to have a safe, sound, and economical trip.

Here we have a few reasons for you to help you choose Portugal as your next traveling destination:

1- Enjoy fairytale in Sintra

The 40 minutes ride from Lisbon can take you to the little hilltop town that is a quite impressive display of elegant, beautiful castles. Palaces, and fortresses in the enormous setting of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It is one of the romantic architecture of Palacio da Pena which cannot be taken as for granted and is close to the real-life example of a Disney castle.

2- Best Fresh fish

Vegetarians can hop on it. Portugal is the most fish-loving places you have ever visited through. It has more than 800km of the coast with the most significant fishing zones in Europe, which are sold at meager prices. It would be best if you tried several fish types while visiting Portugal like Dourada (sea bream) – it is mostly served either in the grilled or baked form with the siders of vegetables or mashed potatoes. Sardinha (sardine) is the classic Portuguese fish served by usually grilled along with the siders of salads or potatoes. Robalo (sea bass) – is renowned for its flavor when it’s grilled or baked in the oven and served with potatoes or vegetables. Bacalhau (codfish) is one more kind that can be cooked by more than 100 ways in Portugal. You can enjoy it with eggs, potatoes, onions, or with whipped cream, or in a deep-fried dough.

Lisbon, Portugal


Why Portugal Should Be Your Next Travel Destination?

3- Rocking Santos Festivals

You can enjoy all kinds of arts events, music festivals, parties that are real fun of Portugal. You don’t need to be religious for joining and enjoying those parties. Enjoy lots of popular Portuguese music (Pimba), grilled sardines, and rocking parties that last till dawn. Two of the fantastic events of Portugal are: Sao Joao (Porto), which continues throughout June, but its big day is considered as 23rd June. And the Santo Antonio (Lisbon), which is held on the 12th and 13th of June. Some several other parties and festivals used to carry on for almost the whole month of June.

4- Wonderful designing obsession

You can find no other such place in the world where the tile art is as much famous. You can find the painted tiles on the historical buildings, uniquely designed installments, and even mementos shops. You can also see a tile museum, which is one of the hidden gems of Lisbon.

5- Enjoy off-road adventures

The appealing nature of Portugal clarifies that you are not in a crowded urban area.
The very nature of off-roading means you’re not in a crowded, urban area. Link yourself with a fun jeep safari with guided 4-wheel drive jeeps. Or you can also opt for a Buggy Safari where you can travel alone or in a buggy for two, by following the guide along the off-road routes. To join all these activities, you have to follow the recommendation issued by the health authorities of Portugal regarding the capacity for vehicles, etc.

6- Minor Eye-catchy details

You will see several minor eyes catching details in Portugal like the clothes hanging in the windows of buildings, mind-blowing sunset in the sea, a neighborhood with narrow streets, beautiful beaches, and much more you could name it. It’s the best place for photography lovers to take the tremendous shots, and even it would be difficult for them to stop clicking the shutter button throughout.


Portugal is one of the best places to visit because of its enormous number of beautiful locations, events, beaches, wine, fish, food, and much more you name them. It’s best clean worth living place to visit for making superior memories.

So, go ahead, Make a plan, and enjoy a trip to beautiful amazing Portugal.

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