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What to take on a trip to Portugal

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What to take on a trip to Portugal

What to take on a trip to Portugal, of the essential things to take for a trip in Portugal is its good will and its good disposition to learn and to know new cultures and a gastronomy different from other countries.

algarve lagos

Algarve Lagos

Summer / Spring

What can not miss on a trip in Portugal in the Summer / Spring

Câmera Fotográfica

Photographic camera

  • Without a doubt what can not miss Solar Protector to avoid burns to have the best experience possible.
  • Suitable clothes for the stay  in Portugal, comfortable clothes preferably to not feel bothered.
  • Portugal has beautiful streets that are worth visiting walking for such a function we would need to wear comfortable sneakers.
  • Camera to save everything in a small machine to remember your stay in Portugal in the future.
  • Sunglasses because in Portugal can have high temperatures and help protect against the sun.
  • A Bag to store your goods to avoid possible robberies and pickpockets (Wallet Whisk).
  • International plug adapter will depend on where it comes to prevent and bring an adapter.
Protector Solar


Winter / Autumn

What can not miss on a trip in Portugal in the winter / autumn



  • Warmer clothes not to catch cold and prevent possible diseases and ruin your stay in Portugal.
  • Waterproof clothing so you do not get rain so you do not get sick
  • Gloves to keep your hands warmer and feel comfortable
  • A scarf to keep your body temperature and feel comfortable.
  • A Cap to keep your head warmer.
serra da estrela

Serra da Estrela

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O Flávio é um jovem que adora desporto, sobretudo tudo o que esteja ligado ao futebol e conhecer novos países, novas culturas. Nasceu numa família entusiasta por viajar ou não fosse seu pai, o Hugo uma pessoa que chega mesmo a ser considerado um verdadeiro embaixador de Portugal pela sua dedicação ao Turismo, outro de seus hobbies é a leitura o que o faz viajar pelo Mundo sentado numa cadeira. Embora jovem sente o Turismo como ninguém de tal forma que é já estudante de Turismo, carreira que espera encabeçar num futuro próxima isto visto pela sua dedicação em tudo a que se propõe.