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Private Transfer

Why to chose private transfer?

In our blog we will try to answer same questions like this.

A private transfer is an occasional transport where either on arrival at an airport, train station or in a port you will have a driver who speaks your language, and beyond to help with any kind of questions about the city we will also give you some tips according to the hotel or apartment where you will and interesting places such as ; cafes, restaurants or why not attractions, including museums, foundations, monuments.

Have a person with your name in sign , without having to be in a queue, waiting that your bags fit in the car …

When you schedule your private transfer immediately the agency know what the car that fits to you and your bags …

When you leave our city the case is exactly the same, the driver of your private transfer, will help you with your luggage ,and in many cases show you where is the taxfree and why not to help you doing it .

How do I find the driver of my private transfer?

A few days before your private transfer, we will send you the phone number of the driver to avoid misunderstandings ..

And if the flight delay?!?

All drivers in our private transfers have cellphones with applications that show them the flight and can they track your flight from the origin to when it arrives in Portugal, so when you arrive it will be there waiting for you.

But the cost will be higher?!?

No, it’s exactly the same price, you hired a private transfer, so it doesn’t matter the delay, or the traffic the price will be always the same.

And on the way out?!?

On the way out, the value is always the same as the arrival transfer …

I have to pay my private transfer in advance?!? Can I pay with credit card ?

Not only paid at the end, if you wish you can pay at the end of the two transfers , and in Credit card , cash , paypall …

If I want to make same sightseeing ?!? Can I talk to driver?!?

You can talk to the driver directly or you can talk to the agency.

Still with doubts ???

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O Hugo é uma pessoa extremamente comunicativa que adora viajar e ama o que faz. Ainda jovem começou a trabalhar como taxista na cidade de Lisboa que fez com que ficasse a conhecer a cidade e o País como ninguém e para além disso ganhou um gosto especial por comunicar quer seja com as gentes locais ou com muitos turistas com que se cruzada em cada dia. No entanto a vontade de saber mais e dar asas ao que realmente gostava de fazer, decidiu voltar a estudar Turismo na melhor escola de Turismo em Portugal e mudar toda a sua vida para fazer aquilo que realmente gosta, dar a conhecer o seu pais ao Mundo de uma forma genuína e autentica.