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Best neighborhoods to stay in Oporto

Best neighborhoods to stay in Oporto

Best neighborhoods to stay in Oporto, undoubtedly one of the cities in the “fashion” in Europe, a city that has won numerous tourism awards among them the best European destination, a city known internationally for its famous Port wine, the Oporto football club, which always has place in the largest European Football venues.

And still countless parties and events such as; the Burning of the Ribbons, Serralves in Feast, Festivities of St. John, where the regatta of the Rabelos together curious from all over the World, since it is the only day of the year when these boats that formerly brought the wine from the Douro Valley, leave to compete among them.


Ribeira is perhaps the most picturesque neighborhood in the city, a place that before the construction of the dams on the Douro River was sometimes completely flooded, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its colorful houses reflected in the river, and also many options restaurants and bars with a more active nightlife.

Another curiosity besides being near the beautiful Ponde Dom Luiz I is the wonderful view that one has of the Pier of Gaia, where the innumerable Caves of Port wine, make this nectar of the Gods grow old to later warm hearts.


Cedofeita is the coolest and most romantic neighborhood in Oporto with Miguel Bombarda Street one of its great attractions with many art galleries and concept shops, a family walk in the gardens of the Crystal Palace or a walk in the Soares dos Reis Museum an excellent option for those who stay in the neighborhood of Cedofeita.

Here we also find the oldest church in the city, where the Church of Saint Martin, come to discover this neighborhood that has managed to stay ahead of places like Miami …


In Oporto downtown you will find the most emblematic buildings, such as the OPort Camera, the São Bento station, the Majestic Café among others, Baixa is the scene of great parties and celebrations.

Not to be missed is a walk to São Bento station where more than 20,000 tiles tell the story of the city, following Rua das Flores, with its goldsmith shops and the exuberant Baroque façade of the Misericórdia Church, Baroque architect Nicolau Nasoni, until reaching the neighborhood of Ribeira.

Music House

Undoubtedly one of the most emblematic buildings in Oporto, this ironic building with a bold architecture, almost like an extraterrestrial ship that arrived in Oporto, a concert hall with a fantastic acoustics, very close to Bom Sucesso market.

Descending Avenida da Boavista with some of the most expensive shops in the World, we arrive at Foz with good restaurants and places of leisure for the children.

Vila Nova de Gaia

It will be unjust to include Vila Nova de Gaia as a better neighborhoods to stay in OPorto, because Gaia is a completely independent city of OPorto, Gaia is an independent city with a proper city hall and with excellent transports like the metro that places it in the center of OPorto in just a few minutes. Here are the Port Wine Cellars but not only do a tour in the telexric of Gaia is another of the attractions.

The best visit of OPorto is from the Monastery of Serra do Pilar, whether day or night, is always a memorable place and not to be missed, curiously or not the best hotel in the region, Yeatman is in this region.

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