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The largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is in Portugal

The largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world is in Portugal, held by steel cables, arranged 175 meters above the bed of the river Paiva, is one of the main tourist attractions in Arouca in the Aveiro district, which you can walk on, in a 516 meter path in open span, with a small aerodynamic curvature on the board.

The portico of Aguieiras, the point ofGangway mais próximo do pilar oeste da nova ponte que will be known as “516 Arouca”, overlooking the abyss of granite walls about 175 meters above the Paiva River and theWaterfall of Aguieiras.

Its 516 meters in length, spread over 127 trays in metallic railing, entered the ranking of the largest suspension pedestrian bridges in the world, competing with the Charles Kuonen bridge in the Swiss Alps with 494 meters in length, or even for Hongyagu (China ), 488 meters long (and made with 1,077 glass plates), and by Titan-RT, in the Harz mountains in Germany (458 meters).

A project that started in 2016, but had a long delay due to difficulties in implementation and geological problems, the location of the bridge had to be changed, with the need to add a new set of cables in order to to reduce the torsion in the tray and increase the circulation comfort.

A work that included climbers of different nationalities in the assembly of cables and respective boards, and a cost that already counts in € 2,093,161.83, partially financed by European funds (ERDF), with a cost between € 10 and € 12 and two different entries.

It is estimated that the bridge can count on 1800 people at the same time, however only 600 people will be allowed, who will have to wash their hands and try to avoid using the handrails. .

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