Mafra National Palace

Mafra National Palace

The Mafra National Palace occupies the entire floor of Mafra ” building” with its two turrets, and the North for the King’s Palace and the South to the Queen, connected by a gallery of 232 m – the largest palatial hall in Europe – used to “ride” the court, typical of the century. XVIII which were expected real audience, were displayed the jewelry, dresses and of course all the intrigues.

The Mafra National Palace the King and the Queen areas were completely separate, each with its own kitchen in the basement storerooms and ucharias on the ground floor rooms of the senators or checkers on the 1st floor, the royal apartments on the main floor and created in attics.

A little bit of its history ..

To the princes was destined a mansion in the northeast end of the building and to the princesses other the Southeast. Both worked well separadamente. Initially decorated with Flemish tapestries, oriental rugs and furniture made purposely ordered to the Palace, with a huge change during the period of King John VI that order a decoration wall campaign in several rooms under the responsibility of Cyrillo Volkmar Machado, tapestries, paintings and furniture will be taken by the Royal Family to Brazil in 1807, where they end up staying.

Mafra National Palace Everything has remained unchanged in Mafra Palace until the death of Ferdinand II, husband of Queen Maria II, when the entire Royal Family came to inhabit only the tower and the south wing, with the remainder for distinguished guests. In the south wing was some specific works and decoration, especially during the wedding of D. Pedro V and D. Estefania of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, the reign of King Louis and Queen Maria Pia of Savoy and D. Carlos and D. Amélie of Orléans.

The last king of Portugal, D. Manuel II spent last night in the kingdom, from 4 to 5 October 1910, before leaving for exile in England. Want to experience the fantastic Mafra National Palace?!? Do it with us !!!

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