Alcochete the light of the Tagus
Walkborder had the privilege of being present at the ceremony of the consecration of the International Tourism Day at the invitation of the Alcochete City Council. An event in the Tagus River estuary, in Bote Leão, a traditional boat that could not miss a stew and a Fado Show to promote the Fado ConVida event that will take place on 12 and 12 November 2019. A few kilometers from Lisbon, Alcochete became famous for being the largest Outlet in Europe, the Freeport Outlet. A somewhat unfair designation due to the beauty of the region, gastronomy, heritage, among others, we want in this article to leave some suggestions of what to do in Alcochete, so you have a nice day.


The stew or bucket as it was known in the region, this is because often in the final cooked of the work with the various species of fish still in the boat, this tradition has continued. On weekends people come from all over the country to experience this gastronomic richness. alcochete a luz do tejo Other riches of the region will be eels, stews, grilled fish and even bivalves. Alcochete Luz do tejo Fogaças as well as white sweet rice, are present in the gastronomic riches of the region. The hunt with a fort knows the cinnamon and lemon, shocking on the outside and soft on the inside, can not fail to be present in every house in the region. alcochete a luz do tejo White sweet rice, and why white, because it does not carry eggs, which gives it a “clearer” look than other sweet rice spread throughout Portugal.

The Tagus

Alcochete a luz do tejo One cannot ignore that the sunset of the region is one of the most beautiful and an experience not to be missed. The reflections of the same in the river make the delights of those who pass by. Alcochete a luz do Tejo The Salinas do Samouco, there is the only Salina still in operation in the Tagus, which besides production also serves as a relay of this millenary art, in July the Festisal, contributed to this tradition is lost. alcochete a luz do tejo

Fado aboard the Lion Boat

alcochete a luz do tejo Not to be missed is the Fado ConVida event, on the 12th and 13th of October and completely free, with Tagus as a source of inspiration for great Portuguese creators! Ricardo Ribeiro, Matilde Cid, Angelo Freire, Sara Correia, Antonio Pinto Basto and Bruno Chaveiro are the protagonists of the first edition of Fado ConVida, which is already expected to be a success.

Ask us how you can spend a day in this beautiful region.

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