What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day, we know that rain gets in the way of those on vacation, in this case in Lisbon. In this article, we leave some suggestions of places that you can visit without getting wet and making the most of Lisbon. Lisbon Oceanarium Lisbon Oceanarium, an excellent option for kids and adults, the

Portugal is a country with a well recognized cuisine worldwide and of course its cheeses can be no exception, in this article we will show some of the best Portuguese cheeses, so that you want to know better the Portuguese cuisine. Evora Cheese Évora cheese, more precisely from the Alentejo, called PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) is made from sheep’s

What to do in a week in Portugal, these are your doubts when you choose to visit Portugal in a week. We suggest starting your week in the city of Lisbon and staying overnight here 3 nights. Lisbon Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, with an approximate population of 700 thousand inhabitants, discover the historical neighborhoods such as; Alfama, Bairro Alto,

Walkborder had the privilege of being present at the ceremony of the consecration of the International Tourism Day at the invitation of the Alcochete City Council. An event in the Tagus River estuary, in Bote Leão, a traditional boat that could not miss a stew and a Fado Show to promote the Fado ConVida event that will take place on

The pleasures of traveling Certainly all people love to travel, everyone has their motive to travel, either for their own leisure or because of work. Pleasures are many, but if there is something that will mark the memory for ever are the trips we make and the places we walk. Of course traveling in Portugal can be a fantastic experience

A Walkborder in the MG Tourism Journal of Brazil   It was with great pleasure that our company, Walkborder was interviewed by the prestigious Tourism Journal MG Tourism in the person of its founder the illustrious founder Mr. António Claret Guerra, a newspaper that has so much influence in Tourism in Brazil, both internationally and internationally, or be it with