The Clean & Safe Seal of Portugal Tourism was born, due to the scourge of the moment SARS-CoV-2, where the Tourism area retains more concern for the safety of our visitors and according to the Directorate-General for Health Portugal Tourism creates this seal in which Walkborder Tours joined immediately to continue to receive its customers and friends in a safe

Lisbon for couple An article with tips from Lisbon for couple,  what to visit and how to visit, perfect for just two people. In modern times, travel does not have to be all for the family, hence the importance of this article, Lisbon as a very eclectic tourist destination, tourism for all ages and tastes.     Lisbon is known

Hiking in Portugal Hiking in Portugal, country offers a wide variety of paths that can be covered on foot, due to the fact that it has enough mountains and mountains in which it is good to walk and put into practice your desire to walk with the beautiful landscapes. In the Algarve region, there are a number of organized tours,

What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day What to do in Lisbon on a rainy day, we know that rain gets in the way of those on vacation, in this case in Lisbon. In this article, we leave some suggestions of places that you can visit without getting wet and making the most of Lisbon. Lisbon Oceanarium Lisbon

Best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon We hope in this article to help in what is one of the biggest doubts of those who visit Lisbon, which are the best neighborhoods to stay in Lisbon, today one of the most requested places for those who want to visit Europe Undoubtedly one of the reasons to take into account is the

Cities in Central Portugal Choose the cities in central Portugal to book your hotels Coimbra Coimbra was the medieval capital of Portugal for more than a hundred years, and is the seat of the largest university in the country during the last five centuries. Its city has a great importance Portugal due to its magnificent history. In Coimbra, D. Afonso