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Two days Private Tour in the Algarve, perfect for you that wish to visit the Algarve region, but do not know exactly where or how.

The Algarve is a Portuguese region with approximately 200 kms from East to West, in this two days we suggest the visit to some of the most important places among them; Faro, Tavira, Albufeira, Lagos and Sagres, always with the historical accompaniment of each place and there main curiosities, this private tour can still be adjusted according to your interests or curiosity, still with doubts? Take it with us.


2 People – 7806 People – 870
3 People – 8007 People – 900
4 People – 8308 People – 950
5 People – 850
  • Children up to 3 years old: Free
  • Children aged from 4 to 10 years old: 50% Discount

PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
START OF DAYSAround 9:00 AM Approximately
Accredited and exclusive driver/guide

Boat Trip in Lagos

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Two Days Private Tour in The Algarve

The Algarve with approximately 200 kilometers of coast with cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches and deserted beaches, begins in the natural park of the Vicentina coast and goes until Vila Real de Santo Antonio in the opposite extreme next to Spain.

The western region is called ” Sotavento” a coastline characterized by beaches with cliffs and rock formations, steep and high cliffs.

The eastern region is called the”Barlavento”, in this region the waters have a higher temperature and the marine erosion in this zone is stronger, with sandy shore shoreline and dunes.

Albufeira is the most “trendy” Algarve region, with fantastic beaches, rocky formations, small bays with idyllic beaches and caves, its marina a center for water sports and boat trips and also some of the best golf courses in Portugal. Another important attraction is the Zoomarine a thematic park attracting people of all ages.

Came visit the Algarve, do it in our Two days Private Tour in the Algarve…








Lisbon Departure

Our driver will meet you at your hotel or apartment at the agreed time on the Voucher to make a small description of what will be this Two days private Tour in the Algarve, in order to try to know the tastes and curiosities of the group (like gastronomy and locomotion).


Our itinerary begins with the trip to the Algarve, a duration of approximately 3 hours made in a comfortable and didactic way,  since if it is the group’s interest the guide will respond to some curiosities of them.

Upon arrival in the Algarve we suggest a visit to Tavira, an authentic testimony millenniums of history, between heritage and nature, in a pleasant composition of churches, convents, palaces all this with a calm river that walks in a scenario of narrow streets and beautiful white walls.



Faro has the historical and cultural most important city of the Algarve region,  pillaged and destroyed by an attack of English corsairs, the escape of the inhabitants, the looting of the invaders and the many fires there, placed Faro in a devastated state, being recovered was again devastated by the giant earthquake and tsunami that struck the country in 1755.


The first boat to enter the Vilamoura Marina in 1974, was the Giralda sailboat of His Royal Highness, the Count of Barcelona, this Marina has since grown at an amazing pace along with the resort, nowadays Vilamoura is much then a Marina mainly due to the demand that Vilamoura has received from visitors and residents, it become over the years an important tourist center and luxury private residential accommodation.


An old town with Moorish streets, clear beaches, but also with all the comfort you deserve among restaurants, shops and an appealing nightlife, one of the oldest cities in the Algarve.

Its name derives from Arabic and means ” sea”. A place that had fascinated artists, painters, poets and writers, Albufeira is today one of the most important and busy tourist centers in Southern Europe. This is our suggestion for your overnight stay.


Praia da Rocha

This beautiful beach that over time, brought modest quantities of holidaymakers, a region guarded by a fortification of the 16th century, the “Fort of Santa Catarina”, Praia da Rocha, or Rocky Beach, although many of these rocks have disappeared due to several sand re-introductions.


Lagos was conquered by the Carthaginians, Romans, Barbarians, Muslims and finally reconquered by Christians, shows the marks of the passage of each of these civilizations, whether in their architecture, physical organization and toponymy, from here many Portuguese vessels came in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to participate in the discover of the maritime route to various parts of the world.

Here we will make our Boat ride to the caves.



A crossroads between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, a fishing port, an area devastated by numerous privateers, the Sagres fort is the extension created by the man from the natural rock and was for centuries the main piazza of war of a geo-strategic maritime defensive system.

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Two Days Private Tour in The Algarve
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