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Places you can visit during our Transfer Lisbon – Oporto with visits








What about a Transfer Lisbon – Oporto with visits on the way?  Yes, it is possible and the places to stop and visit are decided by you, we leave a few suggestions like; Fatima, Coimbra, Aveiro or Obidos, the choice is exclusively yours.

We guarantee a very pleasant day where in addition to sightseeing we can have also a gastronomic day with local sweets and regional cuisine, the sucking pig from Mealhada  region near Coimbra may be an interesting option, all this comfortably and with the luggage safely with us.


Nº People2345678
Total Price450€470€500€520€550€580€600€

PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
TIME OF DEPARTUREAround 9:00 AM Approximately
ARRIVAL AT OPORTOAround 6:00 p.m.
Accredited and exclusive guideBottled Water
Degustation (sweet or local drink)Free Wifi
Entrance Fees

Transfer Lisbon – Oporto with visits

The question is will it be worth it? Of course, we leave here some advantages of doing it:

You have the guarantee that your goods are safe,  their guide will watch over their safety, even during lunch, if he can not guarantee that same safety, he will be waiting next to the vehicle.

The cost benefit, if your option is the Train, the cost of the ticket, along with the transfers to the station will be higher than the amount paid for your Transfer (depending on the number of passengers).

If you do it this way, you will not have to return to visit these places coming out of Lisbon or Oporto, which guarantees one more day in one of those cities.

Make the call !!! We limit to suggest and optimize the day, according to your taste and curiosities, the transfer is completely modelable.

√ Lastly, the guarantee that your day is unique and unforgettable, for your comfort we will guarantee the reservation of places that need earlier reservation  like the Joanina Library at Coimbra University.

Take all your doubts about our Transfer Lisbon – Oporto with visits, right now…











Lisbon Departure

The guide will meet you in your hotel or apartment at the time agreed on the Voucher and make a short introduction of our day, in order to try to understand tastes and curiosities of the group (like gastronomy and locomotion) and immediately start the trip to the destinations previously selected in the scheduling process.

Transfer Duration

The transfer from the departure of Lisbon to the arrival in Oporto will take approximately eight hours, during the reservation process you will have to be taken into account during the choice of places to visit, we suggest of 2 to 3 visit options, but you can increase the duration of  it with extra time.
We leave you some suggestions of fantastic places to visit on the way during  your transfer, the choice is yours:

Obidos – Let’s take a trip back in time to Medieval times and get to know one of the European Medieval village in better conditions, strolling in the narrow streets, and alleys of Obidos is something indisputable, where we can not fail to enjoy a “ginja”, a cherry liquor (with alcohol), famous in this region where you can even eat the glass, of course in Chocolate.

Fatima – The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, needs no presentations, perhaps the largest Marian Shrine in Europe, Fatima receives thousands of visitors with open arms, a place where Peace is felt in a unique way, we will have the possibility to visit the two existing Basilicas, the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary, the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity and how it could not fail to be the first Chapel to be built in that place, the Chapel of the Apparitions.

Coimbra – Coimbra known as the Portuguese city of students, with the oldest European University, where the students learn the meaning of the Portuguese word “Saudade”, changing there life for always. The visit  can only be complete without a visit to there University, with the Joanina Library, considered as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, this true Temple of knowledge. Visit to the Coimbra down town where once was the market, today a lovely pedestrian and pleasant street.

Aveiro – Known as the Portuguese Venice, famous for its “Moliceiro” boats that once were used to transport “moliça” a sea kelp still used today by the farmers of the region, understand the importance of the salt production  and consequently introduction of the same one to salt the Cod that arrived from the North Atlantic, which makes this region industrially important and rich, easily understand  by there Art Nouveau buildings ,all cataloged and of extreme importance, not to mention there locals sweets.



For so many visits we have to have lunch comfortably, from there we have gathered some suggestions of local and typical gastronomy of the region, once again it is you.

√ Ze dos Ossos in Coimbra – If you want a special place and with very good cost benefit, this is the place.

√ The “Leitao da Mealhada” –  one of the most famous Portuguese gastronomy, a suckling pig in the oven with skin well popped after approximately two hours in the oven.

Aveiro – If you pretend same fish or sea food, aveiro is a great option.


Arrival in Oporto

As we arrive at Oporto the guide you will be give some suggestions of restaurants and other places of interest near where you will be staying.

Transfer Lisboa - Porto com visitas
Melhores bairros para se hospedar em Lisboa
Monumento Lisboa
Melhores bairros para se hospedar em Lisboa
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5.00 based on 3 reviews
11 October, 2017

We used the services of the Walkborder during our stay in Portugal, both for transfer in and out hotel / airport / train station and for city tours. They treated us very well in Porto and in Lisbon with a kind, obliging, responsible staff with the schedules, friendly and completely enabled to explain the history, geography, culture and habits of the region. The cars are new, clean, Wi-Fi and bottles of mineral water. We did two great tours with them: Fatima, Batalha, Nazaré and Óbidos and another by Sintra, Cabo das Rocas, Cascais and Estoril. In all, besides the explanations of each place, we received tips on what to do, what and how to visit, what to eat, where to eat nice. We were left at the door and picked up at the door of the attraction or location marked and at the appointed time. Absolute comfort. And they always came with gifts and goodies like cherry liqueur and pastels from Belém. His Joaquim who transported us on the sidewalks is a sympathy and super super competent as a guide, historian and driver. I give ten notes to all of Walkerborder’s services.

22 January, 2018

Thank you from NY
Many thanks for making us realize that the trip from Lisbon to Oporto would be better by car and that we would lose cities as interesting if we were by train.

Thank you all…

1 June, 2018


I thank your agency for the suggestion to make the transfer from Lisbon to Oporto with stops for visits, it was a great choice, we are only sorry that we did not continue with you in Oporto, since we had already booked another company.

Everything went as agreed in the emails, always answered quickly and efficiently, when I read the work of this company on Tripadvisor I was far from imagining it to be the same, but now I have no doubt that they are perfect.

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