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Our Three Days Private Tour in Lisbon is perfect for you who want to visit the city and it surroundings without concerns.

No worries, from the arriving  to the departure, without having to make the tours on days in a row and still with the possibility to choose; Fatima Tour or Evora Tour.


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PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
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Three Days Private Tour in Lisbon

Lisbon is perhaps one of the oldest European cities, from Roman occupation, under the name Olisipo, sacked in 419 by the Goths, in 453 occupied by the Suevi, then successively by the Visigoths, Suevos, Goths and again by the Visigoths and finally conquered by the Moors in 714 .

With the conquest of the Moors in 1147, by the D. Afonso Henriques, the first temples were erected, in some cases at the same places of the old mosques. Due to the successive constructions by different civilizations, became a complicated and confused urbanization, a city rich in contrasts and combinations of different styles that the earthquake of November 1, in 1755, followed by the tsunami and fires, destroyed.

An essential trait of Portuguese culture is faith, being one of the expressions is its the traditional music Fado, characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea, love or the life of the poor, a characteristic sentiment of resignation, fatefulness, and melancholia.

Fado had been recognized by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011, one the experiences do it in our Three Days Private Tour in Lisbon.







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Our trip  begins with your arrival at the airport, on the way to your accommodation we will give you some useful information about the city such as restaurants or other interesting places next to the Hotel.


On the first day of our Three Days Private Tour in Lisbon, we will start the our day with the visit to Nations Park the area where in 1998, Lisbon received the Expo 98 world fair inspired by the glory of the Portuguese maritime expansion, with its bold architecture but functional, the great work of the Spanish architect Mr. Calatrava.

A real success thus far eastern part of the city thus gained a new district with a population mainly of the upper middle class, and according to the data provided by the municipality, it is also the youngest and with more studies population in Portugal.

Let us now discover the oldest part of Lisbon, Alfama through its alleys and tiny streets, this ancient Arab Medina, after the Christian reconquest in the 12th century the Arab civilization that were living here were transferred to another hill and then was born the “Bairro da Mouraria”

Discover Alfama is immersed in Portuguese authenticity, Fado the most typical and charismatic Portuguese music type, was born in this neighborhood, this strange melancholy felling to which Portuguese called “saudade”.

Following, we will arrive at the Saint George Castle, another of the few physical remains of the Arab civilization in Portugal, not far we have the the Lisbon Cathedral built in the 12th century, in a Romanesque architecture, time to visit Saint Anthony’s Church the place where the this Portuguese holy matchmaker was born.

Time now to “climb” another Lisbon hill and know these two neighborhoods so different and at the same time so similar, the Bairro Alto neighborhood, known for its crossroads of streets that over the weekend fill with thousands of young people, come to enjoy of what is known as the most bohemian Lisbon neighborhood, next to it we have the Chiado neighborhood where culture and art live hand in hand, or if it is not here that the great majority of theaters in Lisbon are concentrated, as in the oldest bookstores of the modern world.

Lisbon Downtown, the quarter of Lisbon that was most devastated with the great earthquake of 1755 that devastated most of the city, time to understand the importance of the Pombaline architecture used to rebuilt the city in a completely different way, a wider area with many streets and squares, this already predicting a new earthquake, using anti-seismic architecture of the 18th century, Mr. Marques de Pombal, was the statesman responsible for the Lisbon reconstruction, as well as all the economic and social changes after the earthquake.

Crossing the Liberty Avenue we will reach the Marques de Pombal square where we will stop next to Eduardo VII Park and try to understand the relationship and treaties between Portugal and England and the importance of this relationship in the future of Brazil and appreciate its fantastic view.

After lunch, our tour continues to Belem, an authentic open book about the period of Portuguese maritime expansion, the site where the old shipyards and ports of Lisbon here, brave Portuguese explorers in the 15th century discovering the sea routes to India, Africa and Brazil, celebrating this glorious past, financed by the vast wealth that flowed to Portugal from the colonies.

Here we are going to visit these three important Monuments; the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery and the Discovers Monument, the last stop will be in the famous Belem pastry factory,, to taste this fabulous conventual sweet that attracts millions of people every year.

Belem Custard Tart

Overnight in Lisbon


Sintra - Cascais - Estoril

 On the second day of our Three Days Private Tour in Lisbon, we will visit Sintra,where in a about 15 minutes we reach the Queluz Palace (optional visit), the palace where the Portuguese Royal family were when the French invaded Portugal for that reason they move the capital to Brazil more precisely Rio de Janeiro, and where was born and died Dom Pedro IV of Portugal who simultaneously was Dom Pedro I of Brazil ( firs Brazilian King ).

Time to enjoy the center of Sintra, with its narrow streets and tiny alleys. In the Sintra historic center, there are countless Portuguese handicraft shops, as well as the famous Sintra local sweets “Travesseiros” at Piriquita bakery, free time to enjoy this wonderful place.

Sintra a place with a great concentration of historical monuments and interesting tourist attractions, here we will find more than 10 national monuments, including opulent palaces, ancient ruins and decorative luxurious houses dispersed by the different hills of the region in very challenging pedestrian paths.

Your guide will help you to decide which Palace to visit (we suggest a maximum of two), between; Pena Palace, Monserrate Palace, the Masonic Quinta da Regaleira (with its original well), if you want something more Medieval, maybe the Moorish Castle the choice is yours according to your curiosity.

A must stop to visit Cabo da Roca (westernmost point of the European continent), “where the Earth ends and the Sea begins ” written in Os Lusíadas, (Canto VIII) by Luis de Camoes, the most important Portuguese Poet of all times.

The imposing Lighthouse with 165 meters height, and built in 1772, from there we will understand how important Atlantic Ocean is, revealing one of the most emblematic places in Portugal, a place of great importance in the period of Maritime expansion.

the visit to Boca do Inferno, where we can easily understand the magnificence of this place, with the erosion exerted by the strong action of the rain containing dissolved carbon dioxide, causes the carbonate to dissolve and through this process, cavities and caves are formed inside the limestones, with a fall of the upper layers of the cave was destroyed, leaving a large cavity.

In days of agitated sea you can observe the waves crashing inside the rocks, a cave that combines its natural beauty with the rough sea, a very beautiful place, where you can enjoy a divine landscape and perhaps one of the best sunsets, being only overshadowed by infrequent suicides committed on its dangerous and unprotected cliff.

With its beautiful bay, Cascais is a very pleasant place to live or even for short vacations, full of small fishing boats, free time to explore the village, so recognized that it attracts thousands every year.

Close to Sintra mountain range, Cascais was during the nineteenth century, the chosen spot by the Portuguese royal family for holidays that eventually dragged the nobility,  in the historic center, will find many shops and restaurants

Estoril, the scene of espionage during World War II, where Yan Fleming lived the esteemed writer of the books that gave birth to 007 where one can dazzle the immense properties as well as the Casino of Estoril (considered the largest in Europe).

“Travesseiros” or “Queijadas de Sintra”

Overnight in Lisbon


On this day we have two suggestions, from which you can choose one:

Visit the most important Christian Shrine in Europe, the Sanctuary of Fatima considered by many one of the most important Marian Shrines in the world, where we will pay homage to Lady Mary, in the Cova da Iria through the visit to the two Basilicas there; Our Lady of the White Rosary, Holy Trinity and the Chapel of the Apparitions.

The Chapel of the Apparitions the first Chapel to be built shortly after the apparitions, located in the center of the Sanctuary is a place not to be missed, not for grandeur, but for the meaning, it is mandatory.

At one end the Basilica of Our Lady of the White Rosary, built in 1928 with a neo-baroque architecture, here you will find the tombs of the three little shepherd children (Francis and Jacinta), and now also the tomb of Sister Lucia, in the other end the imposing Basilica of the Holy Trinity,, built in 2007 with more than 8,000 seats and 40,000 m² of area designed by the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis.

In about thirty minutes we arrive at the Batalha Monastery, the best example of Gothic architecture in Portugal, built in the XIV century to celebrate the victory in the Battle of Aljubarrota, we hope with this visit you will understand the importance of this battle in the independence of Portugal over the Spaniards.

Late gothic construction, fruit of the wise management of the great Portuguese and international masters, from its founder Afonso Domingues, to the genial Huguet, finishing in the “Manueline style” of Mateus Fernandes, in the Chapel of the Founders and in the “Imperfect Chapels”, Pantheon of kings and princes marked by the scholasticism of the Dominican friars who represent the Celestial City.

Continuing our day of fun we will arrive at the Nazare  fishing village (the most charismatic fishing village in Portugal), where we can see the fish to be dried on the sun in every beach, as well as te can see the famous ladies of the seven skirts, the  fishermen wife’s who proudly continue to wear seven skirts simultaneously, characteristic of this region.

Our days Nazare is known all over the world  for its giant waves, the biggest waves in the world are here in Nazare, Portugal, all thanks to the phenomenon of the Nazare Canyon, phenomenal waves that made Nazare famous, in 2013 the American surfer McNamara broke the world record when surfing a wave of about 30 meters height, during the season of the year we can see them with our own eyes

Then we will get to Obidos (Unesco World Heritage), were we will relive a trip back in time to the medieval period and explore the beautiful narrow whitewashed streets that Obidos have to offer us.

Obidos belonged to the defensive pentagon of the Five Castles, this by the hands of the Templars, later used as a wedding gift by the Portuguese King Dinis I,  to his wife Queen Isabel, the village became part of the House of the Queens, most of the Portuguese queens in Portugal was financed here receiving Obidos taxes and leaving great benefits there too Quenn Catarina order the construction of the important aqueduct and its sources to be built.

Here we will discovery of one of themos famous and appreciated Portuguese liqueurs,  the Obidos “ginja”, prepared?

“Ginja” from Obidos Cherry Liqueur

Overnight in Lisbon

If you are someone that takes serious culture and gastronomy, this is your option, our Evora Tour, will cross the Tagus river on the road to Evora we start with a visit to a traditional cork factory where we will understand all the cork process, check the tree (cork tree), its extraction, the quality choice, and the preparation to the final product.

Do you knew that the Cork Oak’s bark grows every year and that from nine to nine years it has to be removed from the tree, reaching 25 centimeters thick, cork its the perfect material resistant to heat, cold and fire.

Portugal is responsible for 55% of the world’s cork production, which is now highly valued in decorative coatings for walls and floors, or even in the manufacture of sports goods, the ideal material for baseball grains or fishing rods.

However in many countries cork is best known for being the raw material for wine stops, since it allows micro-portions of oxygen to stay in contact with wine, so that wine can “age” while maintaining its quality.

Monsaraz, with its walls in excellent condition, in a revival of medieval times, one of the best preserved Portuguese historic villages, white walls of lime and shale, with the wind whispering between its streets and sidewalks.

So many stories of daring kings, Templar´s, so many different civilizations had pass through Monsaraz, the visit to it´s Castle is imperative, as well as admire the giant lake dividing Portugal and Spain.

Then we have the possibility to visit and tasting in a local winery, accompanying the whole process of this “nectar” of the Gods  at some of the most important Portuguese wineries, the choice of visit is related to the winery agenda, which may be from a wide range of wineries in this region such as Ervideira.

Alentejo its a region that produces unique wines, hot and dry climate, it is indispensable to use drip system in the vineyard, with soils and reliefs a very sunny area that allows a perfect maturation of the grapes.

Time to enjoy Evora, explore this beautiful medieval village that make fall in love thousands of people every year, being the Bones Chapel that attracts more attention, this sinister chapel with its walls and pillars lined with human bones and skulls from more than 5,000 monks. Do not be alarmed if at the entrance you read; “We bones here are waiting for you,” leading us to reflect on life.

Another monument of great value is the Temple of Diana or Evora Temple, which justifies the importance that Romans gave to this beautiful city, close to the Cathedral, built in the Roman period, from here we can visualize the magnificent aqueduct, outside the city walls and extending from the it´s outskirts, some of its arches are still visible inside the city, built in the XVI th century to ensure water transportation.

Not only did Romans live here, the Arabs built their streets and alleys in the 11th and 12th centuries, Evora was even home of some Portuguese kings, a point of convergence of renowned artists, supported by the ruling patronage and Portuguese dynasty.

Visit and wine Tasting

Overnight in Lisbon


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Three days private tour in Lisbon
roteiro 3 dias em Lisboa
Roteiro 3 Dias Lisboa
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Roteiro 3 Dias Lisboa
Three days private tour in Lisbon
Three days private tour in Lisbon
Three days private tour in Lisbon
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Three days private tour in Lisbon
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Three days private tour in Lisbon

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5.00 based on 4 reviews
12 May, 2016

We did the 3 days private tour in Lisbon with Joao Meireles as our guide. He was waiting for us on time and suggested an itinerary the began with sites around Lisbon and then through Sintra for an incredible visit to Pena Palace. Then we had lunch at a great restaurant that was well away from the tourist crowd. After lunch, we had a scenic drive back to Lisbon with some exploration of Belém before returning to our apartment. The Mercedes van was comfortable and had great wifi. Joao was the best host who was knowledgeable and passionate about his country.

We’ve done many tours throughout Europe over the past few years and this was the absolute best.

28 October, 2016

Although our visit was short, it was fun and very enjoying. We had such a wonderful time! I must say that our guide Carlos is the best. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He made us feel like family through his personal insights and hospitality. Our favorite activity of the 3-day tour was the wine tour in Evora. We have made many organized tours over the years around the world and we can honestly say that is is one of the most memorable one. Thanks for organizing this. We love to come back to Portugal.

21 August, 2017

“Very good indeed !!”

We used the services of Walkborder for two days, in a full day tour in Sintra and in another one to Azenhas do Mar and beaches, passing through Queluz. Our guide driver, Mr. Joao, was extremely punctual, gentle and professional, as well as being a fun and very insightful person, since he booked our lunch at the Azenhas do Mar restaurant which was my dream to meet, for the beauty of place Where it is located. I did not ask, Mr.João guessed, and I’m very grateful for that! Mr Raul, who picked us up for the hotel-airport transfer, was also of immense kindness and friendliness, and we are very grateful to Walkborder for the welcome and services! We will definitely meet again for other tours! Dealing with Walkborder is dealing with excellent professionals!

1 March, 2018

We had an absolutely excellent day with Carlos. And it’s an added bonus to find out that our trip will help support an NGO! Thanks so much, and please know that I will recommend your company to anyone I hear of going to Portugal!

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