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Knights templar Tour a revival of the past, in  fact that yo understanding the future we have to learn about the our ancestors.

And this is evident in Portugal, we need to imagine the importance of this important religious Order in the future Country Portugal and also the importance that Portugal had for the growth of the Order.


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Known as warrior monks,Templars settled in Portugal and helped the first Portuguese Kings by conquering numerous villages to the Moors, the Order of the Templars, or knights of the Temple was founded in 1119 by Hugo de Payens and eight more Knights.

It was mainly in the Hispanic Peninsula, and particularly in Portugal, in the reconquest campaigns against the Moors, that the Templars continued their struggle for the propagation of the Christian faith, since France and England did not have the same conditions especially to financial activity, which made them hatefully victims of the envy of the great feudal lords and even Kings.

On the morning of October 13, 1307 (Friday), all the Templars of France are arrested by order of King Philip IV the Beautiful One.

This would be the end to an Order of Monks-Soldiers, more than two centuries old, which became famous in the Holy Land and which acquired power and wealth, attracting the envy of feudal lords and the greed of the sovereigns, won by considerable donations the order quite rich and turned it into one of the main western financial institutions, like true bankers.

Came and discover Templars mysteries in Tomar in our Knights Templar Tour…






Templars - Who were They ?

Knights Templar Tour

The Military Order of the Temple was founded in France, in the Champagne region, in the year 1120 in the context of the establishment of the Council of Nablus, one of the most popular military orders of medieval Christian Europe, created to protect the pilgrimage movement to the Holy Places of christianity in the Middle East, under increasing ascendancy of Islamic power.



We begin our Knights Templar Tour with a visit to the “Almourol castle” located on a small island that and inhabited during the Roman occupation of the Iberian peninsula (today’s Portugal and Spain’s territory), occupied by the Muslims from the eighth century. 

During the Christian reconquest of the Iberian Peninsula, Almourol was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques (Afonso I, first king of Portugal), in 1129, and was offered to the Order of Knights Templar, which was responsible for the reconstruction of the castle, giving it the characteristics of Templar fortifications. 

With the extinction of the Knights Templar in europe in 1311, the Portuguese King Dinis gave the castle to the Order of Christ (The Knight of Templar order in Portugal changed the name and created this new Order of Christ, thus avoiding prosecution from the church). 

The 1755 earthquake caused many damages in its structure and during the following century some changes were made to its original architecture.​ 


Tomar - Convent of Christ

Knights Templar Tour

So, our Knights Templar Tour continues in direction of Tomar, beginning our visit with the Templar Castle/ Convent of Christ, the Templar Order’s headquarters until 1314, and the Order of Christ, from 1357. The castle itself was founded in 1160, optional lunch near the Nabao River in Tomar’s city center. 


Santa Maria dos Olivais Church

Knights Templar Tour

Santa Maria dos Olivais Church perhaps the first headquarter of the Order of the Temple, a transition from Romanesque to Gothic architecture, on the facade a large rosette bearing the mark of the Knights Templar, the Signum Salomonis.

In this church you can find the tomb of Guladim Pais, founder of the city, and other Grand Masters of the Order, a Church that seems smaller than in reality is once it is buried two meters below the ground.



Knights Templar Tour

After lunch we continue our Knights Templar Tour by visiting the oldest Portuguese Synagogue, like most of all Jewish places of worship, the interior of the little synagogue in Tomar is a big surprise its roof is supported by  four columns representing the mothers of Israel: Sarah, Rachel, Rebecca and Leah, linked by 12 arches, symbolising the 12 tribes of Israel with four terracotta jars in the corners that serve as natural amplifiers.

The temple was commissioned by Infante D. Henrique ( Henry the Navigator ), for whom the Jewish community financed most of the Discoveries project.

In 1496 the jews are expelled from Portugal and the synagogue was closed down, used for various purposes during centuries, when it was bought by Dr. Samuel Schwarz, who donated it to the State, on the condition that the Museu Luso-Hebraico was installed there.


Tomar - Center

Knights Templar Tour

Known internationally as the city of the Templars, in Tomar we will find testimonies of its influence, namely the Mata dos Sete Montes where according to tradition initiated rituals, and templar marks throughout the city which demonstrates the importance and pride of this city for this fantastic military order.


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Knights Templar Tour
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Knights Templar Tour
Knights Templar Tour
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