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Our itinerary Portugal Spain complete is perfect for those who want to visit the Iberian Peninsula, what have both countries in common, from there foundations to the present day, different civilizations have passed and left a little of what today is their history, originated these two Countries, Portugal and Spain in our itinerary will understand it all.


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PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Lisbon
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Itinerary Portugal Spain complete

The Portugal ancient history begins with the arrival from northern European troops to help in Christian reconquest in the Peninsula, there good services, ends up in several marriages one of those marriages was the marriage of a daughter of the King of leon with a Earl of Burgundy and awarded the couple with the Portucalense County, from this marriage D. Afonso Henriques was born, who later decided to develop the county to become an independent country, revolt against the partisans of the dependency, and fight against his mother who wanted to rejoin the county of Leon after the death of his father.

In 1492 Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile marry and unite two kingdoms, forming Spain, this marriage, will definitely end with the county of Granada, however the Arab population that remained with the population of origin Roman and Visigothic, forming the current Spanish population.

The Portuguese and Spanish languages among other minority languages such as Catalan and Galician ended up preserving their roots from the ancient Latin of the Romans, so many words of Arabic origin were introduced in the Spanish-Lusitanian vocabulary,  more than 600 words and / or expressions of Arabic origin in the Portuguese language.

Our Itinerary Portugal – Spain Complete its definitely, the best way to visit same of the highlights of those lovely countries…






















Transfer from the airport

Our Itinerary Portugal Spain starts with your Transfer where on the way we will give you a few tips of the city as well as restaurants or other interesting places next to the Hotel.
1º Day


Departure from the hotel for a visit to the city that saw so many sailors leaving the stunning Tagus River into the discovery of other civilizations.

Contemplate the beautiful square of the Marquis of Pombal, in which this statesman appears to be looking at his reconstructed Lisbon after the earthquake in 1755, Avenida da Liberdade, Rossio square, where we preserve in our memory the Emperor and King D. Pedro.

The strictly designed streets, so that they would become a large commercial center, stocked by the beautiful Commerce Square with its galleries of arches that the columns admiring the Tagus, lurk the narrow streets of the old and resistant Alfama, who surprisingly survived the earthquake, admire the Lisbon Cathedral that witnessed the birth of Saint Anthony, and honor Fernando Pessoa in Chiado, the enthusiastic Bairro Alto , the Assembly of the Republic where the deputies trace our lives.

The Tagus river and its hanging 25th of April bridged, where Christ King embrace us, the Belem District and its monumental works: the Belem Tower, Jeronimos Monastery and the Discovers Monument that besides its beauty provided the monks to teach us to make that wonder that we can not give up Belem pastry.

Then we have the new part of Lisbon that we call the “Park of Nations”, with its Oceanarium, the beautiful train station, the extensive bridge Vasco da Gama and its fair exhibition center. This is Lisbon, enjoy it.

Overnight in Lisbon

2º Day

Sintra, Cascais and Estoril

Departure from Lisbon towards Sintra, stopping and visiting if you wish the Queluz Palace (optional visit), where you can see the hall where the ambassadors were received and feel the atmosphere of the party in the noble hall.

Where the Brazilian Emperor D. Pedro I was born and died, is beautiful gardens, much smaller, but inspired by the Palace of Versailles in Paris. Then we leave for Sintra, and here, we recommend a visit in the romantic Pena Palace, situated in the highest point of the park of Sintra with a dazzling view and familiar sense of its construction.

Your guide will help you to decide which Palace to visit (we suggest a maximum of two), between; Pena Palace, Monserrate Palace, the Masonic Quinta da Regaleira (with its original well), if you want something more Medieval, maybe the Moorish Castle the choice is yours according to your curiosity.

In the center of the city, free time to shop and taste the local sweetness, e.g. pillow ( travesseiros ). We continue to the place where the land ends and the sea begins, “said  Camões, the famous Portuguese epic poet” Cabo da Roca.

Along Guincho beach, preferred by surfers, until we reach the cosmopolitan city of Cascais, with its beautiful marina, walled fortress and its lovely center. Pass by Estoril, famous for its casino and its mysterious stories related to espionage returning  to Lisbon along the coast.

Overnight in Lisbon

3º Day

Lisbon - Evora - Algarve

Departure from Lisbon towards the Algarve, which was the last stronghold of Muslim presence, today a seaside resort for excellence, where the inhabitants of cold climates in Europe choose  it because of there warm waters and fine sands to enjoy their vacations and live after there retirees.

But let’s first see how we prepare what we are the biggest producer in the world, “cork” visiting a cork factoryand then the Roman, Moorish and Catholic Evora village, where we can feel what is a walled city, typical of medieval times, with what remains of what was the temple dedicated to the goddess of the night, moon and hunting Temple of Diana the muslim buildings, the cathedral and the Church of St. Francis with the mysterious Bones Chapel.

After savoring the good Alentejo food, we will digest it through the Alentejo plains, and appreciate its flora and the quadrupeds flocks that feed here, the olive groves, vineyards and cork oaks until we reach the Algarve for a well deserved rest.

Overnight in Albufeira ( Algarve )

4º Day


In the Algarve (Albufeira) we leave the hotel in the direction of Sagres, where Infante D. Henrique Grand Master of the Order of Christ / Order of the Templars , founded the School of navigation that so much would come to us to supply good sailors.

Later we go until Cabo de St. Vincent and its lighthouse. We return to the beautiful city of Lagos, but poor memory for the construction and use of the slave market, with an excellent gastronomy, where fish is the most appreciated meal. We return by the beautiful Praia da Rocha, passing through Portimao and Albufeira.

Overnight in Albufeira ( Algarve )

5º Day

Albufeira - Vilamoura - Faro - Tavira - Sevilha

We are going to leave the Algarve, to have fun to the sound of flamenco in Andalusia, both regions with much Arab influence.

But before we go we will visit the most sophisticated area in  the Algarve: Vilamoura with its casino, marina and luxury hotels, in contrast to Faro that will be the next city and capital of this region of the Algarve, where its old town offers us a great atmosphere for a good lunch.

Then we go to Tavira, a small Moorish town with its castle, churches and market, divided by the Gilao river where its old bridge joins both banks, we continue towards Spain by the natural border: the river Guadiana, until we reach the capital of Andalusia : Seville.

Overnight in Sevilha

6º Day


Seville, capital of Andalusia, originally Phoenician, Carthaginian and Roman after the General Sicilian African defeated the Carthaginians and founding the Bética, ends the Roman Empire and arrives the Carthaginians and of these the Muslims, they construct the Alcazar, mosques, and the Giralda.

With the discovery of America, the city lives its “golden age” with the arrival of richness from the Americas the city grow with many buildings: the cathedral, Pilatos house, etc.

However the city will be influenced by the counter-reform in such way that it becomes a convent town, and in 1671 where there were 45 monasteries of friars and 25 of nuns, so well portrayed today in the “holy week”.

In modern times Seville organizes two international exhibitions: 1929 and 1992, where we can visit the Maria Luisa park and its beautiful Spanish pavilion, its tobacco factory, famous for the opera of Georges Bizet “Carmen”, now a university, the golden, the Guadalquivir, the bullring of Maestrança and the bass of Santa Cruz. At the end of the afternoon we recommend a flamenco show.

Overnight in Sevilha

7º Day

Sevilha - Cordoba - Baena - Granada

From Seville we go to Cordova, with a visit to the Cathedral other of the great influences of the Arab culture in Spain, the Roman bridge protected by Saint Raphael the Patron Saint of the City and also the Alcazar that crossed all the different civilizations.

The one that was the most important city at the turn of the first millennium, where the philosophers Maimonidas and Seneca provided us with so much of their ideas, we continue to Granada with a stop at Baena / pueblo blanco) where, whenever possible, we will visit a pile oil plant where the olive oil is made.

Overnight in Granada

8º Day

Granada - Alhambra

In the morning we will visit the Alhambra and the Generalife gardens, the most visited monument in Spain, its history is a reflection of Spain itself, with times of splendor during centuries but also penury and occultism, a great example of a diversity of cultures and great power and grandeur in the Iberian peninsula.

In the afternoon, walk through the streets of Granada to its Cathedral where the Catholic Kings are buried, the rest of the day free, for shopping and other activities.

Overnight in Granada

9º day

Granada - Toledo - Madrid

Granada through Puerto Lapice, where it seems Cervantes had lived, the 13 wind mills of Consuegra  from  Don Quixote.

Then we reach Toledo “the Imperial city”, the first capital of unified Spain. In this visit you will be transported to the Cathedral and then the rest is done on foot scheduled by your Guide / driver. In this city we will make a panoramic visit around the river Tagus that embraces 3/4 of the city.

At the end of the visit we will continue to Madrid.

Overnight in Madrid

10º Day


Visit to the city of Madrid, where we will make a panoramic visit to: Atocha Plaza and Station, Prado and Botanical Gardens, Prado Museum, Retiro Gardens, Puerta de Alcalá, Las Ventas (Bullring) Fountains of Neptuno and Cibeles, walk from Castelhanas and its ministries to the Real Madrid football stadium (Santiago de Barnabeu).

Then we pass by the sophisticated Calle Serrano, Calle Mayor, Plaza de España to the Palácio do Oriente, where, if you wish, you can visit the palace and new cathedral of Almodena. Return to the hotel or free time to visit Puerto del Sol and Plaza Mayor.

Overnight in Madrid

11º Day

Madrid - Avila - Salamanca

Madrid by El Escorial, where you can visit this huge building of the Philippian kings and its pantheon, stop at the 4 posts for a beautiful photograph of the walls of Avila, and continue to Salamanca.

Where after arrival at the hotel we will make a pedestrian visit of the city in this beautiful university city, with its universities, its Cathedrals and the most beautiful Plaza in greater Spain.

Overnight in Salamanca

12º Day

Salamanca - Aveiro - Oporto

We return to Portugal through Aveiro and its canals, where we can take a bota ride in a Moliceiro, boats used in times to transport the moliça, nowadays used for small boat trips in the canals in Aveiro, a kind of a Portuguese “gondola” if we can call it, time to explore the center with numerous Art Nouveau buildings and one of the legacies of Gustavo Eiffel in Portugal, the Aveiro market.

And Costa Nova and its listed houses that once were used by fisherman’s, and we will be able to taste our codfish again, then we will go Oporto kwon as Invicta ( unbeatable ).

Overnight in Oporto

13º Day


Day totally dedicated to visit Oporto, “born” in Monte dos Vendavais, someone called to him Cale, then Portus Cale until we get at Portugal.

But here the Celts, the Romans came and went from Olissipo to Bracara Augusta, the Suevos with their bishop, until they were run over by the Muslims, but  just short period because Count Vimara Peres sent them back again and the Christian religion was solidified with the construction of convents, monasteries and churches over the years, and very well built by Nasoni, Almadas and British who discover in this city a source of wealth.

The Port Wine Company was created and transformed Vila Nova de Gaia into the  place with the highest concentration of alcohol in the world. In Porto we can not miss Rua de Santa Catarina and Cafe Majestic, Rua das Flores, Sao Bento train station and its beautiful tiles, Bolsa Palace, San Francisco Church, Ribeira and the D. Luís Bridged.

Not forgetting the Clerigos Tower and the harmonious Lello Bookstore, that Harry Porter remembers. Oporto was in solidarity with his son Infante D. Henrique, with Portugal and Brazil, so the most beautiful square on Oporto City Hall, is called D. Pedro, and there is still sitting on his horse, although his heart is in the Church of Lapa.

Overnight in Oporto

14º Day

Oporto - Coimbra - Fatima - Lisbon

Departure from Oporto towards Coimbra , by the excellent motorways that the country offers us, when we visit the charm, beauty and tears of this city we will understand how the students feel when they leave it, we are left with the idea that it was correct the decision to be chosen as our second capital.

Where we can admire the tombs of the first six kings in the Convent of Santa Cruz, so well worked by Chanterrene and his followers, but Coimbra has its beautiful river and the choupal, the monastery of Santa Clara Nova and Velha, the Quinta das Lagrimas, who the loved of Pedro and Ines de Castro ended tragically.

Coimbra attends the miracles of Queen Isabel Isabel in transforming the bread into roses, but the University is the excellence of the city, and when we visit its baroque Biblioteca Joanina we are richer for its beauty, the patio, the chapel of San Miguel, Via Latina and the university bell tower of causes so much disturbances to the students, they call it the goat.

Then we go to Lisbon but before we will have time for a visit to Fatima to thank this happy road trip, the Chapel of the Apparitions as the first Chapel to be built shortly after the apparitions, located in the center of the Sanctuary is a place not to be missed, not for grandeur, but for the meaning, it is mandatory to visit it.

At one end the Basilica of Our Lady of the White Rosary, built in 1928 with a neo-baroque architecture, here you will find the tombs of the three little shepherd children (Francis and Jacinta), and now also the tomb of Sister Lucia, in the other end the imposing Basilica of the Holy Trinity, built in 2007 with more than 8,000 seats and 40,000 m² of area designed by the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis.

After those 14 days we will leave richer in knowledge and comforted because they did not visit any country, but an extension of yours.

Overnight in Lisboa


Transfer to the airport

roteiro Portugal Espanha completo
Roteiro Portugal Espanha Completo

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They have treated us in an excellent and professional way, comfortable and very illustrative journey, it is more than recommendable and of total confidence.
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11 July, 2018

We just returned from a long personalized tour with Walkborder in various places in Portugal and Galicia. The excellent drivers were punctual, kind, very responsible and knowledgeable about each region. The vans, new, in perfect condition and very comfortable. The careful programming allowed us to visit the different places with tranquility. The kindness and the helpfulness that were all the members of the Walkborder team, made us enjoy those beautiful regions very much.
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