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Day Tour Fatima Obidos, the perfect day tour, with visits to the Fatima Shrine, visits to the houses of the shepherds, lunch in Fatima (not included) and in the afternoon the visit to the beautiful Obidos village and wine tasting of the Obidos cherry, the liquor famous in the region.


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Day Tour Fatima Obidos

Fatima is inevitably one of the most recognized religious centers in the World, it was here that three shepherds from extremely humble families witnessed the apparition of Lady Mary, more precisely on May 13, 1917, who reported that a lady brighter than the Sun appeared to them in a field where they would be with their grazing animals, alerting them of the importance of saying the rosary and ended up saying that he would return on that same date and time for five consecutive months, always on the 13th.

At the last apparition on October 13, there would be about 70 000 people gathered to watch the apparition, the way it was, Lady Mary appeared and an event that became known as “ Miracle of the Sun ”, the Sun began to spin quickly like a fireball from left to right and the clothes of the thousands of people who were there completely wet from the rain that was felt that day, were completely dry.

Day Tour Fatima Obidos

Obidos the place that you cannot leave to visit on another visit to Portugal, an open air museum, a medieval and romantic environment preserved for centuries, without time and evolution, losing your spirit even feminine, because Obidos was used countless times as a “wedding gift” from Portuguese kings to their future Queens.

Its narrow, cobbled streets, its white houses with colorful stripes and flowers scattered throughout the village, an authentic fairy tale where only knights and princesses are missing, however if you visit its medieval festival you will find this and much more.

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Fatima Shrine

Day Tour Fatima Obidos

Our Day Tour Fatima Obidos is private and it is up to you to decide the start time of the tour, which will start at the Sanctuary of Fátima, a place that witnessed the apparitions of Our Lady on May 13, 1917 to three children from extremely humble families, who were dedicated to grazing, in the place where the Sanctuary exists today would be just pasture for animals, as well as a small fountain.

The first Chapel to be built was the Chapel of the Apparitions, located in the center of the Sanctuary having a great symbolism not for its greatness, but for its great meaning, very close to the candelaria, where you can leave a candle for a friend or family member.

On one side the Basilica of Our Lady of the white Rosary built in 1928 has neo-baroque architecture, in this basilica you will find the tombs of the three little shepherds who witnessed the apparitions of the children (Francisco and Jacinta) and also the tomb of Sister Lúcia who died in 2005, but is buried in this place.

At the other end, the modern Basilica of the Holy Trinity, built in 2007 a monumental church with about 8,000 seats and 40,000 m² of area designed by the Greek architect Alexandros Tombazis.


Houses of the Shepherds

Day Tour Fatima Obidos

Close to Fatima, more precisely 3 kilometers, we have Valinhos, a small village where children lived in 1917 when the apparitions of Fatima.

Here we will understand the humility present in families, we will understand the difficulties of this period, Francisco and Jacinta (brothers), would end up dying a few years after the victim appearances of Spanish flu .



Day Tour Fatima Obidos

On a day as special as this, we still have several suggestions for your lunch, one of the suggestions the restaurant Tia Alice Fatima, considered by many one of the best Portuguese restaurants.

A family restaurant, with a short menu, but difficult to decide, because each dish is better than the other, the Gravitating Bacalhau has a prominent place, as well as seafood rice, Veal or duck rice. With a little luck we can get to know Tia Alice , who with his 83 years continues to lead this kitchen of choice.



Day Tour Fatima Obidos

After lunch, we will then visit Obidos this fantastic medieval town, with its complete walls where it seems that time has not passed, and let our imagination fly until the medieval period, dreaming of knights and princesses.

Óbidos which, during the Templars period in Europe, was extremely important, belonging to the defensive pentagon of the five Castles, given the strategic conditions, as well as being very close to the sea and having a freshwater lagoon.

Used as a wedding gift from the Portuguese King D. Dinis to his future wife, D. Isabel, making the village part of the Casa das Rainhas, a large part of the Portuguese queens were financed by the taxes that were taxed there, and ended up leaving them there too benefits, which ends up happening with D. Catarina who orders the construction of the aqueduct and the fountains, still present today.

We will taste the famous Obidos cherry, a low alcohol drink made by fermenting cherry, a kind of wild cherry.


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Day Tour Fatima Obidos
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