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 Coimbra and Aveiro Tour, If you are in Lisbon and want a different day, come and visit the oldest European University and the Portuguese Venice !!!

Do not miss this opportunity to get to know these two beautiful cities.


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Aveiro known for the its naval production and its Salt production since the Roman times.

The buildings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Art Nova, testify to the importance of Aveiro and the refined lines of an Art Deco and a Modernism driven by the period where Portugal was leaving in a dictatorship. Today the new challenge is its university campus, where some of the most important Portuguese architects “come out”.

In Coimbra you can’t miss  the Joanina Library, a Baroque building built in the 18th century in the reign of D. João V, its baroque interior divided into three quadrangular rooms with perfect arches where we can see university emblems in gilded carving, surpassed by royal crown of D. João V.

From the richness of materials to the artistic refinement of baroque decoration, the Joanina Library has some of the rarest and most important books in Portugal, so it is undoubtedly a true art temple devoted to human knowledge.

Coimbra downtown, right close to the Mondego river, where everything happens, a pleasant sidewalk street where you can relax and get lost in this charming city narrow streets and beautiful alleys, and squares, you will find countless cafes, pastry shops and restaurants.

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Coimbra - Old Town

 After two hours driving will arrive in Coimbra, first stop will be in the downtown area, the central zone of the city, this designation was developed with the separation of the “High”, where lived the nobility, the clergy and later the students, and the “Baixa”, dominated by commerce, crafts and neighborhoods.

Today, both are privileged places of the city, where services (banking, insurance, commerce), centuries of history, housing, culture, green spaces and leisure are mixed. It is here that you can find a part of the civic center of the city, the big shopping streets (such as Rua Ferreira Borges), the traditional Municipal Market D. Pedro V, Coimbra train station and important monuments such as the Santa Cruz Monastery.


Coimbra - University

 Next we visit the University Palace, where is the Joanina Library, built between 1717 and 1728 is the jewel of the crown. This library portrates the hight of the Baroque art expression in Portugal, one of the most important in Europe. 

The name (Joanina) was given after the Portuguese King D. João V (1707-1750), who commissioned it and whose portrait, authored by Domenico Duprà (1725), stands out in this magnificient 250.000 volume library.

Although it was built following the royal project of reforming university studies (as a result of the diffusion of the Enlightenment currents in Portugal), the Joanine Library is recognized as one of the most original and spectacular European baroque libraries, Joao Ferreira was the master of works the decoration ( painted ) was only realized some years later.

During  the Pombaline Reformation: the frescoes of the ceilings and cimalhas were executed by António Simões Ribeiro, painter, and Vicente Nunes gilder. The celebrated portrait of  Portuguese King Joao V is attributed to the Italian Domenico Duprà and the painting and gilding of the shelves was carried out by Manuel da Silva.


Lunch ( optional )

In case of your visit, besides cultural is also gastronomic, we suggest a lunch stop in a place known for a specific dish, the “Leitao à Bairrada” one of the Portuguese most famous dishes, “Leitao da Bairrada” (suckling piglet).

A piglet ( around forty days ) and that has only been fed with milk, the animal, completely eviscerated, gets into hot water and all the bristles are removed, until the skin is absolutely white and inserted in the oven (remember that the Portuguese oven is made of wood) for two hours, you have to remove it every half hour, cleaning it thoroughlyskin with a cloth and returning it to the oven. 

This operation will cause the skin to harden and become crispy, which is the true secret of this stew.


Aveiro - Saline

 In Aveiro we start our visit by finding the Salt plants that for decades was the most important business the region especially the Fleur de Sel (Salt Flower in french). 

This product was mainly used to preserve the Codfish caught by Portuguese fishermen in the cold waters of the north atlantic sea. Here we will learn all about this old artisan process. 


Aveiro - Center

On our visit to Aveiro, now it´s time to take a boat ride in a a “Moliceiro” boat that was for centuries used for salt and moliço (local algae found in the bottom of the coastal inlet) . These craft boats will take us on a trip to the past in the canals of this Portuguese Venice, Aveiro.

Walking on there historical cable stone streets is definitely a must, with several Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings all cataloged, which demonstrates the richness of this small town that has even one of the legacies of Gustave Eifel, the Aveiro market.Aveiro is the home of the traditional sweets, the “soft eggs”, famous all over Portugal, we will suggest to try it.


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 Coimbra and Aveiro Tour
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4 November, 2016

Joao was our guide and he was most knowledgeable as a guide and skillful as a driver. He was attentive, observant, service-oriented, professional, and did an awesome job taking us to the best spots, telling us about the place, avoiding the crowds, maximising our time. He also took really nice photos for/of us. It was sad to say goodbye to Portugal and Joao at the end of the tour.

19 August, 2017

“Guided tour throughout Portugal”

Jorge and Walkborder put together a wonderful itinerary for a guided tour throughout the country. It would not have been better. Jorge is very knowledable and articulate and his history lessons of the country impressed us, as well as his driving skills through Lisbon and the countryside. We will be recommending Jorge and the company to any of our friends travelling through Portugal. Thanks for a wonderful time.

13 November, 2017

Yesterday we had a fantastic day with driver Paulo. We were picked up at our hotel early in a large mercedes van real early to be before the crowds. We really recommend Paulo as a driver as his English is very good and he knows a lot of interesting stories.
We found Walkborder Tours on the internet and the owner Hugo was very quick to respond,

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