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Our Aveiro Tour is a perfect trip for those who want to know the Portuguese “Venice” and even the listed houses at Costa Nova, or if you have same curiosity about Vista Alegre the famous Portuguese porcelain, starting and ending at your hotel in Oporto.

A Private Tour with an duration approximate of 4 hours, where you decide how to spend your time.


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PLACE OF DEPARTUREHotel / Apartment, Oporto
DEPARTURE TIMEFrom 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM
TIME OF RETURNAt 1:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m.
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Aveiro Tour

Aveiro known worldwide for the its naval production and salt production, since the Roman times.
With buildings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of Art Nouveau, that testify the importance of Aveiro by the New State ( Portuguese Dictatorship ).
Our days the new challenge is its university campus, where some of the most important Portuguese architects took the graduations.

A region open to innovation, but that does not allow this same innovation to interfere with old traditions, from architecture to the rural environment, where several aspects of the traditional Portuguese construction are materialized in the region.

Aveiro also preserves in the neighborhood of Beira Mar some tiled, tiled houses, authentic living testimonies of ancient marnotos [salineiros] and devout fishermen of S. Gonçalinho and S. Roque.

The Ria remains “lively” with its canals, where today the moliceiros give life and joy to the tourists that pass there every year, impossible to misse is  Costa Nova, with their houses listed a real anthem to the old forms of fishing in Portugal.







Costa Nova

The famous haystacks of Costa Nova are interesting listed houses on the beach originally in shades of ocher red and black, and were used as warehouses of fishing utensils, during the 19th century, Costa Nova was an extensive beach completely uninhabited, after the setting of the Port of Aveiro.

The fishermen of Ílhavo’s fishing campaigns moved to that region and began building “haystacks” to keep nets and other fishing materials. Initially large and without interior divisions only later were partitioned with wooden partitions and “decorated” with oyster shells.



Always linked to the sea, from fishing to salt production, Aveiro grew protected and privileged by monarchs, a decisive landmark in the history of Aveiro the moment when Infanta Joana, the holy princess daughter of Afonso V, entered the Convent of Jesus.

Immediately afterwards, the village grew a lot, especially during the Portuguese Discoveries period, which opened Portugal to the sea and brought merchants and navigators from various parts of Europe to the banks of the Ria. ( salt water river ).


Vista Alegre

Why not a visit to Vista Alegre? Well, if during the tour we have same free time use it to visit Vista Alegre, the best known and internationally of all Portuguese porcelains, where its Museum is also a prominent place with origins and replicas of Porcelains that integrate many Royal families houses allover the world.

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Tour de Aveiro
Tour de Aveiro
Tour de Aveiro
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Tour Aveiro e Coimbra

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6 April, 2016

Unforgettable private tour in Portugal shown to us by our fun loving and knowledgeable guide, Mr Jorge. He was very helpful, professional, down to earth and will always try his best to an extra mile to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible. No complaints about his service, programmes and the transport and our overall trip with him for almost two weeks was smooth sailing and very educational. We brought back home with us fond and priceless memories of Portugal. Mr Jorge is like a walking dictionary when it comes to the history of Portugal. Thank you Mr Jorge for taking care of us in Portugal. We hope you will always be in the very best of health to keep continuing what you love doing in your passion by making Portugal proud and the best place to visit. Till we meet again Sir… Obrigada..!!

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