Where was Fado born?   About the origin of Fado, a lot could be said or written, a typical Portuguese musical style, it is thought that fado originated in the lundum, music of Brazilian slaves that would have reached us through sailors. Another hypothesis may have been through troubadours. medieval. Cantigas de amigo reveal similarities with some recurring themes from

Best wineries near Lisbon Some tips on the best wineries near Lisbon for you, who are in Lisbon and want to visit some wineries without making long trips, to Évora or even to the Douro.   José Maria da Fonseca   Family of wines, family wines, it is in this way that this winery, perhaps the oldest in Portugal, is

The Story of Zé Povinho All Portuguese have heard the story of Zé Povinho, but first-person contact by our collaborator Manuel Smith has another flavor, since José Peres, the character who inspired the creation of this Portuguese reference in the world, was Manuel Smith’s great-great-great-grandfather. .. José da Fonseca Peres, a typical Abrantes figure from the late 19th century who

Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal curiosities Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal curiosities, we know about your interest in the Alcobaça Monastery, in such a way that in this article we focus our efforts to know a little more about it, thanks to our collaborator and friend, Joaquim Nunes, who makes us think about of the same, but above all about the Religious

For the third time in a row Portugal elected the best tourist destination in the world, but it did not stop here, Lisbon, Azores and others also received the Oscars at the WTA ceremony this Thursday in Muscat, capital of Oman.     This year Portugal won 13 awards at the distinguished ceremony of the World Travel Awards, among them

Yeah, will start the wine festival, the Grape Harvest in Portugal The long-awaited period of the grape harvest in Portugal, encompassing all the activities between grape picking and wine production, as one says in Portugal, “Until the basket is washed, it is vintage”. Different regions have the harvest in different months, depending on the grape species, vineyard location, temperature, humidity,