Capela dos Ossos in Évora, undoubtedly an extremely intriguing place in Évora, in the Alentejo region, that you cannot miss visiting in Portugal. History of the Chapel of Bones in Évora   In the 16th century Évora, cemeteries were much smaller, although Évora had many (about 40), built on the initiative of three Franciscan monks with the aim of representing

Best wineries near Lisbon Some tips on the best wineries near Lisbon for you, who are in Lisbon and want to visit some wineries without making long trips, to Évora or even to the Douro.   José Maria da Fonseca Family of wines, family wines, it is in this way that this winery, perhaps the oldest in Portugal, is always

Military Orders in Portugal Templars were given the defense of the Tagus, up to the Mondego River The hospital workers controlled from the north to the area controlled by Calatrava The Santiago with the sword geographically controlled from the Tagus on the other side of Lisbon and the entire coast to the Algarve. The Calatrava / Avis controlled the region

An article with tips from Lisbon for couples, what to visit and how to visit, perfect for just two people. In modern times, travel does not have to be all for the family, hence the importance of this article, Lisbon as a very eclectic tourist destination, tourism for all ages and tastes. Lisbon is known as the city of the

All Portuguese have heard the story of Zé Povinho, but first-person contact by our collaborator Manuel Smith has another flavor, since José Peres, the character who inspired the creation of this Portuguese reference in the world, was Manuel Smith’s great-great-great-grandfather. .. José da Fonseca Peres, a typical Abrantes figure from the late 19th century who inspired Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, a

Alcobaça Monastery in Portugal curiosities, we know about your interest in the Alcobaça Monastery, in such a way that in this article we focus our efforts to know a little more about it, thanks to our collaborator and friend, Joaquim Nunes, who makes us think about of the same, but above all about the Religious Orders in the Medieval period.